How to Sue a Gainesville, Florida Hotel for Bed Bugs

Gainesville, Florida has become a hotspot for families visiting their children staying at Florida State University or just checking out the city. According to, the County in which Gainesville resides saw a 7.1% increase in visitor spending from 2016-2017. So what does that mean? More and more people are travelling to Gainesville and staying in hotels. What happens when there is more people travelling and staying in hotels? A larger chance of bed bug infestations. Hotels are ultimately responsible for ensuring they have the proper processes in place to prevent bed bug infestations which can potentially cause physical, mental and emotional harm to you, your children and your family!

If you have suffered as a result of a bed bug infestation while staying at a Gainesville, Florida hotel, you can indeed sue the hotel, however it’s important to confirm you have a bed bug problem in your hotel room. Here at Bed Bug Law, we represent those who have suffered as a result of bed bug infestations in Gainesville, Florida and we’ll walk you through the steps to confirming a bed bug infestation in your hotel room.

Confirming Bed Bugs in a Gainesville, Florida Hotel Room

Unfortunately, bed bugs can easily be confused with other types of insects. In order to confirm you have a bed bug problem in your hotel room, it’s important to understand what bed bugs do and why the are called bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on human blood as their primary form of nutrition and they hide in the most “optimal” places for them to feed, this being a hotel bed. Hotel rooms get infested through multiple avenues, but the primary way is due to the sheer large amount of guests that some of those hotels see in a year. Bed bugs can cling onto luggage and clothing brought from homes and they then find a “new” home to infest in a hotel. Before we continue on how to inspect your hotel room for bed bugs, use the diagram below to understand the lifecycle of a bed bug –

Next, you will want to strip your hotel bed of any linens, mattress covers and other material. Then, grab your cellphone and turn on the “flashlight” function and turn off the lights in your hotel room. Closely inspect the bed to see if you can find any dark brown stains and of course, any bed bugs. You will also want to check any “hidden” areas in your hotel room like behind cabinets, inside cabinets as they also can be found there.

Notifying Gainesville Hotel Management of the Bed Bugs

If you have found bed bugs in your Gainesville hotel room, you will definitely want to take photos and video of them in their location. If you are also comfortable with doing so, capture the bed bugs in a secure container like a jar or a secure plastic bag. Then, notify the management team of the infestation and take clear notes of your communications with them. Additionally, if you have large red welts all across your body, you may have been bitten and you will want to take photos of that as well.

Contact a Gainesville, Florida Bed Bug Lawyer

If you have suffered as a result of a bed bug infestation while staying at a hotel in Gainesville, Florida, you should contact an attorney as you may be eligible for compensation. You can contact the lawyers at Bed Bug Law by calling 855-533-5552 or by filling out our “Do I Have a Case?” form. The best part by working with Bed Bug Law is that we do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case!

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