How to Sue a Hotel in Bradenton, Florida for Bed Bug Injuries

Here at Bed Bug Law, we are Bradenton hotel bed bug attorneys representing those who have suffered as a result of bed bugs. Many may be surprised, but the truth is that you can indeed sue a Bradenton, Florida hotel for a bed bug infestation and bed bug injuries. Unfortunately, with the significant increases in travel across the United States, areas like Bradenton, Florida, host a large amount of tourists and are at risk for bed bug infestations which can cause physical, long-lasting emotional mental and emotional harm.

How to Sue a Hotel in Bradenton, Florida for Bed Bug Injuries

With Bradenton, Florida seeing up to 3.1 million visitors in 2017 according to, it’s no wonder why there is a larger risk for bed bugs. Why is that? Well, travelers can bring in bed bugs from their homes into these hotels. If the hotels do not have a proper process or procedure in place to help combat bed bugs then, they are putting their guests at risk. So how do you confirm a bed bug infestation at your Bradenton hotel? Here’s how –

How to Confirm a Bed Bug Infestation at a Bradenton Hotel

If you are staying at a Bradenton hotel and have woken up with large red welts across your body, this could be an instance of a bite from a bed bug, but you’ll need to do further investigation. Before we continue, familiarize yourself with the diagram below which displays the lifecycle of a bed bug and their varied appearances –

How to Sue a Hotel in Bradenton, Florida for Bed Bug Injuries

Bed bug can hide anywhere, but they specifically like dark and un-lit areas as well as in your hotel bed. Why would they hide in your bed?  Bed bugs feed on human blood to survive. Before beginning your investigation, make sure you stripped your hotel bed of any linens, covers, or comforters. Next, you’ll want to grab your cell phone and turn off the lights in your hotel room.

After the lights are off, use the flashlight function on your cellphone to closely inspect the ridges of your bed and pillows. If you have found bed bugs, take photos and video of them. If at all possible, capture them in a completely secure container after taking photos and video. You’ll also want to inspect behind any art or other areas that are unlit such as behind furnishings for any instances of bed bugs as outlined in the lifecycle diagram listed above.

Contact a Bradenton Hotel Bed Bug Attorney

If you have found bed bugs or suffered as a result of bed bugs, it’s time to contact a Bradenton hotel bed bug attorney like us at Bed Bug Law. Bed Bug Law provides a completely FREE case evaluation and we do NOT charge any fees unless we win your case. To speak to a bed bug attorney, call 855-533-5552 or fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form.

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