How to Win a Bed Bug Lawsuit

So you have been attacked by bed bugs, you are ready to take legal action against those you think are responsible.  If you were injured due to the negligence of another, you could be entitled to compensation.  It takes a lot of work and expertise to successfully pursue a bed bug injury case. To win a bed bug lawsuit, you will need to build the strongest case you can.  The bed bug lawyers at Bed Bug Law are equipped to investigate and pursue your bed bug lawsuit.

Steps for Building a Strong Bed Bug Case

  1. Take pictures and videosHow to Win a Bed Bug Lawsuit

Pictures and videos are powerful evidence that your attorney can use in your case. The first thing you want to do if you wake up with bed bug bites in a hotel is to start searching for signs of an infestation. You can see bed bugs without a magnifying glass or microscope.  Bed bugs are visible during all stages of their lifecycle, including adults, larvae and eggs. While bed bugs are often small, especially the eggs and larvae, you can usually spot them or evidence of them if you know what to look for.

Searching for bed bugs requires more than just peeking around.  You will want to be thorough, which means searching everywhere in the room that bed bugs might be hiding. Bed bugs prefer darkness, so they are usually found in the creases and crevices of beds, mattresses, box springs, furniture and baseboards. A flashlight can make the process easier.  Most smart phones nowadays have a built in flashlight.

Places to search for signs of bed bug infestations:

How to Win a Bed Bug Lawsuit

  • Bedding – comforter, regular sheet, fitted sheet
  • Mattress – top and bottom
  • Box springs – top and bottom
  • Headboard
  • Bed frame
  • Furniture – seams, underneath cushions
  • Baseboards along the walls

You can also document your injuries with pictures and videos, both right after they occur and as they develop over time. Bed bug bite reactions often take days to fully develop. Although your bites may be small now, they might swell considerably over the next few days. Taking photos as the injuries develop is a good idea.

  1. Talk to other hotel guests

Bed bugs will often travel from room to room. The pests that attacked you may have also injured other guests. After you have looked for bed bugs in your room, try speaking to guests in the rooms surrounding yours – both next door and above/below your room. Most people will be grateful for the warning that bed bugs might be in their rooms. Together you can search their room for signs of bed bugs as well. Document everything, including signs of bed bugs in other rooms and the bites sustained by other guests.

  1. Talk to the hotel staff

Many bed bug bite victims discover that they are not the first to complain of a problem. Hotel staff may be aware of other guests who have been injured. They may also know about complaints filed with management and be able to tell you what management did (or did not do) to address the infestation.

  1. Contact the local Health Department

Representatives of the local health department are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that businesses are keeping their properties up to code.  Hotels and other businesses are no different.  After receiving a complaint of bed bug injuries, the local health department officials may visit the hotel room you stayed in to inspect for evidence of a bed bug infestation.  Making a report quickly is important because the hotel could be taking steps to hide the infestation before anyone from the health department arrives.  An inspection will be performed by the health department and will determine whether the room was infested.  The attorneys at Bed Bug Law will use this information to your advantage.

  1. Visit a doctor

You should make an appointment with a doctor to examine your injuries. Bed bug bites can become infected. They can also cause allergic reactions that can be dangerous depending on the individual. A doctor can take care of your injuries properly, and he or she can provide additional documentation that can be useful for your case.

  1. Contact a professional bed bug lawyer

Collect evidence and contact a lawyer.  A skilled and experienced bed bug attorney can look over the evidence you have gathered and decide if you have a strong case. An attorney will also know how to investigate further to find the best evidence to achieve the best results in your case.

Once you hire an attorney, you can focus on recovering from your injuries while your attorney continues building and pursuing your case.

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