I Found Bed Bugs at a Nursing Home, What Should I Do?

Do you have a parent or loved one staying at a nursing home? Have you found bed bugs at a nursing home? With the elderly living much longer than ever before and with the frequent changes in nursing home staffing and residents, bed bug infestations are becoming more common.

I Found Bed Bugs at a Nursing Home, What Should I Do?

Bed bugs are nasty insects that hang onto furniture, bedding, beds, linens and other areas that are close, but hidden to humans. Bed bugs love to hide within creases of furniture, dark and unlit areas within a living area.

The appearance of bed bugs can vary by their age, but you can see their life cycle in the diagram below –

I Found Bed Bugs at a Nursing Home, What Should I Do?

Because nursing home residents are moving in and out so frequently, it’s very possible that bed bugs have been lingering in their living area ever since the previous resident moved out and your parent moved in. If you think you have indeed found some of these pesky insects, here are Bed Bug Law’s steps to ensure you handle this situation appropriately.

Steps to Take If You’ve Found Bed Bugs at a Nursing Home

Capture the Bed Bugs, If You Can

If you have confirmed that you have found bed bugs at the nursing home, make sure you capture them in a secure plastic bag or jar. In order to build your case and gather evidence, this will be an important part of your report to the nursing home management team.

Further Inspect the Living Area

Get a flashlight and strip the bed of any linens, mattress covers, pillow covers and other material. Shine a flashlight closely in the bed. If you see dark, brownish spots, these are instances of

Take Pictures and Video

In order to prove your findings, it’s important to document your experience through pictures and video. If you have found that your loved one has red welts and splotches all across their body, it’s very likely that these were caused by the bed bugs you found. Take pictures of those injuries as well.

Contact Nursing Home Management

Immediately contact nursing home management and document your conversations with them including titles and other information pertinent to the conversations. If you have exchanged phone calls or text messages with anyone at the nursing home, make sure you take screenshots of those as well.

Document Everything

Document, document and document! Make sure you keep accurate and secure records of every interaction with the bed bug infestation at the nursing home to ensure swift resolution with the nursing home. Ensure that you follow up with nursing home management on a frequent basis to ensure they are taking car e of the issue.

Contact an Attorney

Having an attorney in your arsenal is an important step to ensure nursing home management resolves your issue quickly. Attorneys like Bed Bug Law can ensure that you receive the proper compensation for any injuries (physical or emotional) that you may have received as a result of finding these bed bugs.

Contact the Nursing Home Bed Bug Lawyers

We are attorneys representing those who have suffered as a result of bed bugs in nursing homes and other businesses based in the hospitality injury. If your loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a bed bug infestation, contact our team. We offer a completely FREE case evaluation and you can speak to an attorney today!

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