I Found Bed Bugs in an Airbnb, What Do I Do?

Do you think you found bed bugs while staying at an Airbnb? Do you have bed bug bites? Unfortunately, bed bugs are a nationwide epidemic that are not only impacting Airbnb hosts, but hotels, motels and more.  With the tremendous increase of travel in the United States and the availability of transportation technology such as hailing cars through an app, bed bugs travel along with people.

So what do bed bugs look like and what should you do if you find them? Read on to learn more.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tenacious insects that love to hide in dark, unlit areas that suck on blood for nutrition. When they bite, they leave these red raised welts on your skin that are caused by the saliva that they inject into you.

They can typically be found hiding within mattresses, closets and other areas that are not typically exposed to light. If there are small dark spots in that mattress, there are most likely bed bugs.

Bed bugs can vary in their appearance depending on their life cycle. Baby bed bugs will be extremely small with a white and transparent body. As bed bugs grow, their body transitions to a brown to a dark brown color. As they capture blood, their bodies will grow and almost seem enflamed and circular.

The diagram below shows the bed bug life cycle over time –

I Found Bed Bugs in an Airbnb, What Do I Do?

What’s Next?

If you think you have found bed bugs in an Airbnb, it is extremely important to document your experience. Here are the steps you will want to take –

  • Take photos and videos with your cellphone
  • Capture the bed bugs in a small plastic bag
  • Notify the Airbnb host
  • Notify Airbnb
  • Take screenshots of your interactions with Airbnb and the Airbnb host

How Can I Get Help?

We are a national bed bug law firm dedicated to helping individuals who have suffered from bed bug infestations as a result of the negligence of others. If you think you have a case, we would love to hear from you.

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