I Just Moved into a Townhouse and Found Bed Bugs

With the large rise of renting homes across the United States, along came the significant increase in bed bug infestations. Apartments and townhouses have been especially popular recently due to the less upkeep and maintenance required when compared to a single-family home. Apartments and townhouses frequently have tenants moving in and out all the time, or you may use rental furniture resulting in bed bugs being found in your townhouse.

I Just Moved into a Townhouse and Found Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pesky and annoying insects. If bed bugs have been around in your home for a long time, you can usually identify them by their dark brown, reddish body when they are adults. Depending on their lifecycle, bed bugs can vary significantly in appearance. The diagram below will help you in confirming you have bed bugs in your townhouse.

I Just Moved into a Townhouse and Found Bed Bugs

Confirm You Have Bed Bugs in Your Townhouse

If you think you have bed bugs in your townhouse, grab a flashlight and shine a flashlight in dark areas within your townhouse. Bed Bugs love to hide where the sun doesn’t shine!

Bed bugs also love to hide within mattresses and bed frames. Completely strip down your bed and shine that flashlight in your mattress and the bed frame. If you see small dark reddish areas within your mattress, it’s possible these are blood stains from being bitten by bed bugs.

Make sure you also take photos, videos and capture the bed bugs, if possible. If you have bed bug injuries (usually clusters of small red spots on your body), be sure to capture that photographic evidence as well. This will help in proving you have a bed bug infestation in your townhouse.

If you are renting your townhouse, immediately notify the landlord or company that you are renting from and document all the details of your conversation including date & time, names and other details.

Contact a Bed Bug Attorney

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