I live in Illinois. What should I do to prevent bed bugs from infesting my home or being attacked by them at a hotel?

Our firm has assisted hundreds of clients with bed bug cases across the country including claims in Chicago, Westville and Itasca, Illinois. According to Orkin Pest Control, Chicago is the number one city in the United States for bed bug treatments. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of the population bed bugs are a growing problem across the country. Our bed bug lawyers recommend that you take the following precautions in order to help prevent the spread of bed bugs.

A number of helpful preventive measures in and around your home:

  • Conduct regular visual inspections of your home for signs of bed bugs. Some of the signs to look for are fecal spots (black spots), blood spots, bed bug skins or casings. When looking for bed bugs thoroughly inspect bed frames, mattresses, box springs, sofas, club chairs, baseboards, in and around electrical outlets and storage bins.
  • Reduce clutter of house hold belongings. The more clutter, the more places for the bed bugs to hide.
  • Do not purchase used or second hand furniture. If you do so, have it inspected by a professional licensed pest control company before transporting the items and eventually moving them into your home.

I live in Illinois. What should I do to prevent bed bugs from infesting my home or being attacked by them at a hotel?

Preventive measures when traveling to a hotel, motel or on a cruise ship:

  • Before checking in, take a look at bedbugregistry.com or bedbugreports.com to see if prior complaints of bed bugs have been made. If you want to take it one step further, you can request the property provide you with a copy of their most recent pest inspection logs.
  • Carefully check the mattress, box spring, fabric in around the bed, headboard, furniture and corners of the rooms for any signs of bed bugs.
  • At a minimum place your luggage and other belongings on a luggage rack. If possible, place your items on a counter in the bathroom.
  • Inspect your suitcase before leaving your room.
  • Examine your suitcase and other belongings outside of your home before entering your home.
  • Wash and dry all of your dryer safe items upon returning home.
  • If you suspect you may have brought bed bugs home with you contact a licensed pest professional as soon as possible to inspect your home.

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