Is It Possible to Sue a Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida for Bed Bug Injuries?

Here at Bed Bug Law, we get this question a lot, is it really possible to sue a hotel in Jacksonville, Florida for bed bug injuries? The truth is, yes, you absolutely can! Hotels are absolutely responsible for ensuring that their hotels are safe and free of bed bugs. If you encounter a bed bug infestation at a hotel, you could bring this to your home, your car, your furniture and other personal belongings without even knowing it. Bed bugs are tenacious insects that cling and hide in clothing and potentially in your luggage.

Is It Possible to Sue a Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida for Bed Bug Injuries?

Jacksonville, Florida hotels are at a particularly high risk for bed bug infestations due to the recent increases in travelers to the area. According to, the city has climbed to the top 5 destinations for tourism in the Southeastern United States in recent years. So, if you are staying at a Jacksonville hotel, we’ll help you identify bed bugs in your room and what to do to get started in a lawsuit.

How to Identify Bed Bugs in Your Jacksonville Hotel Room

Bed bugs can vary significantly in appearance depending on their age and can hide very well preventing you from identifying them in plain view. Before we begin, refer to the diagram listed below to help you confirm bed bugs –

Is It Possible to Sue a Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida for Bed Bug Injuries?

You can commonly find bed bugs hiding in dark, un-lit areas within your Jacksonville hotel room and in your bed. The first step you will want to take is grab your cellphone and ready your flashlight function. Then, strip your bed of any linens, mattress covers or comforters to get it down only to the mattress. Turn the lights off and then closely inspect the ridges of your mattress as shown in this photo –

Is It Possible to Sue a Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida for Bed Bug Injuries?

If you found bed bugs in those ridges or anywhere else in your Jacksonville hotel room, make sure to take photos and video of them. If you are comfortable, capture the bed bugs in a completely secure container as these steps are important in proving your bed bug injuries case. Next, check any other unlit areas within your hotel room, like behind any artwork. If you find bed bugs there, make sure to capture any evidence that is possible.

Notifying Jacksonville Hotel Management

Once you have identified that your hotel has a bed bug infestation, it’s important to notify the hotel management of the situation. Before you have your discussion, make sure you have a pen and paper to notate who you spoke with, their job titles and any contact information that they may have provided to you. Also, note down what their responses may have been along with any actions they took. If you have suffered bed bug injuries while staying in your Jacksonville hotel, make sure you let them know as well.

Contact a Jacksonville, Florida Bed Bug Lawyer

If you have suffered at all from bed bugs while staying at a Jacksonville hotel, it’s time to contact a bed bug lawyer, like Bed Bug Law. We offer a completely FREE consultation and we do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case.

To get started, fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or call 855-533-5552 to speak to a bed bug attorney on our team. We look forward to working with you and obtaining the best outcome for your Jacksonville bed bug case.

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