Miami Bed Bug Injuries – Why You Need a Miami Bed Bug Injury Attorney

Miami is once again in the Orkin Top 50 Cities list for bed bug treatment requests. Bed bugs continue to plague the city and the surrounding areas, and there seems to be no sign of the problem letting up anytime soon.

Miami Bed Bug Injuries – Why You Need a Miami Bed Bug Injury Attorney

People that are bitten by bed bugs sometimes sustain considerable injuries, injuries that make it difficult to live their day-to-day lives and may even threaten their long-term health. If you or someone you know what bitten by bed bugs – especially in a hotel, motel, or due to rent-to-own furniture – it is important that you speak to a qualified Miami bed bug injury attorney right away.

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What Makes Miami a Hot Spot for Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are insects that prefer warmer climates, but that does not explain why they have become so concentrated in Miami – or across the rest of the country, either. While bed bugs may like warm spaces, they are also prone to travel. They like to hide out in luggage, which results in them traveling from city to city, across the country and even the world. The Miami bed bug injuries case continues to grow and grow each day, it’s truly an epidemic.

Miami is a hub for travel, both nationally and internationally. A lot of people come through Miami, and many of them stay for the night in a hotel or motel in the area. When the bed bug finds itself in a new location, it leaves the luggage and sets up a new home in the hotel or motel. Considering that the average bed bug female can lay up to five eggs a day – and up to 500 in her lifetime – it is easy to understand how only a few bed bugs could cause an infestation.

Miami might have great weather, but the weather is really only part of the reason why bed bugs prefer the city. Ultimately it is the concentration of travelers, hotels and motels that make Miami a hot spot for bed bugs.

Miami Bed Bug Injuries – Why You Need a Miami Bed Bug Injury Attorney

Identifying Bed Bugs

Ideally you want to avoid ever bringing bed bugs home. The best way to avoid bed bugs hitching a ride is to be proactive whenever you stay in a new room.

Set your luggage in the middle of a tiled area or smooth floor, as bed bugs are unlikely to travel over so much open space in the light. Then start going over your room with a fine-toothed comb. Pull back the sheets and look for rust colored specks that show the bugs have been feeding. Remove the sheets and examine the mattress, top and bottom, paying special attention to the seems. All stages of the bed bug lifecycle are visible to the human eye, including adults, eggs and larvae.

You can also look behind the headboard and along the baseboards of the wall, as well as in the furniture.

Bed bug bites are fairly easy to identify as well. They look much like mosquito bites, swollen, red and itchy. Bed bugs will usually feed in a line on your body, or in a zig zag pattern.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Every bite victim reacts differently to bed bug bites. Some people only experience minor itching, while others feel dizzy, nauseous and may even vomit. The more bites you have, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Some people have been bitten all over their body in a single night, resulting in extreme discomfort for days after. Bites can also become infected if they are scratched regularly.

Bed bugs are capable of carrying diseases, although transmission to humans is not common. However, if you have been bitten and you are worried about disease, or if you are having an extreme reaction, it is advisable to seek medical care.

Miami Bed Bug Injuries and Lawsuits

A bed bug lawsuit is much like any other personal injury lawsuit. To be successful, you have to prove that a party acted negligently in a way that lead to your injuries. In the case of a hotel, you could prove that the management failed to take proper precautions to protect you from bed bugs – like ignoring previous complaints about bed bugs.

People pursue bed bug lawsuits against a variety of parties, including hotel owners and management, rent-to-own companies and even employers.

If you are a bed bug injury victim, the first thing you should do is take photos of your injuries and of any evidence you can find of bed bugs in area you are staying. You can also also people in rooms around yours if they have bed bugs. Document everything, including your conversations with management.

Here to Help With Your Case

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