Miami Bed Bug Attorney Settles case for $60,000.00

Bed Bug Lawsuit Avoided for Miami Hotel

Florida hotels have some of the highest rates of bed bug complaints in the country.  This unfortunate fact led to a terrible experience for a family of 6 visiting Miami from New Jersey.  The family chose to spend 8 days in Miami at a prominent Miami Beach Hotel where they could enjoy nice weather with friends and family.  Instead of a relaxing time and the beach and the pool, the entire family’s trip was ruined by hundreds of painful bed bug bites.Miami Bed Bug Attorney Settles case for $60,000.00

Search for Bed Bugs when entering hotel room

When the family checked into the suite, they looked around and each chose rooms and beds.  The family had never experienced a bed bug attack or had even seen a bed bug before.  Nobody thought to check the mattresses, mattress pads, headboards and around the box springs for evidence of bed bug infestations.  Performing even cursory check in these areas will usually reveal evidence of a bed bug infestation.  Bed Bugs can hide anywhere in the room and even inside electric outlets.

Bed Bug Bites Appear

Over the following days, the family members noticed that they were receiving bites on their bodies and were having difficulty sleeping.  The father, a licensed medical doctor, looked at everyone’s injuries and recommended Benadryl and calamine lotion to alleviate the symptoms.  The family assumed that they were being bitten by mosquitoes during the day and bites were showing up at night.  They did not think to look at their mattresses or call hotel management to complain about what had been happening to them.

What to do if attached by bed bugs in Miami

The family was being eaten alive every night and could not get rest.  It was not until the last day that the mother and father looked online and found that the issue might be bed bugs.  The bed sheets were peeled back which revealed live bugs, eggs, shell casings and black fecal spotting on all of the mattresses in the room.  The family contacted hotel management to complain and to make an incident report.  At this point the family had received hundreds of bed bug bites combined and were in agony.Miami Bed Bug Attorney Settles case for $60,000.00

After the attack the family went online and found our Law Firm.  They were advised to:

  • capture and save the actual bed bug or bed bugs
  • take pictures of the actual bed bug(s)
  • take pictures of any fecal droppings and blood stains on sheets, or bedbug skin that has been shed
  • take pictures of the hotel room
  • take pictures on a daily basis of ALL the bed bug bites incurred until they are gone
  • ask for the name of the person that last cleaned their room and the manager on duty
  • ask for the name of the person the hotel sends to inspect the hotel rooms
  • save any receipts or dated proof of payment that they actually stayed at the hotel
  • not to bring any clothes, suitcases or anything else that was with them at the hotel into the home or car until it has been properly treated for bed bugs.

Bed bugs spread easily and the family did not want the bugs following them home.

Miami Bed Bug Attorney Obtains Settlement

After a lengthy investigation process, the attorneys at were able to obtain a settlement of $60,000.00 to compensate the family for their injuries.

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