Miami Hotel Bed Bug Infestations During Passover

Each year, during the Passover Jewish families celebrate their ancestors escape from slavery in Egypt. During that time, the story goes that Egypt was set upon with 10 plagues. While bed bugs are not specified in the scriptures, scientists believe that bed bugs have existed for thousands and thousands of years. Bed bugs probably existed in the time of ancient Egypt and plagued all who were unfortunate enough to suffer their bites. And as such, Miami hotel bed bug infestations are inevitable with the significant increase in travel within the city.

Passover Bed Bug Infestations in Miami

Miami Hotel Bed Bug Infestations During Passover

During Passover it is customary for Jewish families to purge their homes of certain foods and people. Jews are not permitted to eat foods containing grains or wheat unless specifically prepared following Passover Laws. As a result, many families choose to leave their homes and take part in Passover programs which are put on by companies in hotels nationwide. Some of the most popular Passover programs take place in Florida. It is still cold in many parts of the country, Miami starts to look like a pretty good destination. Families are provided food and activities to celebrate the holiday. Miami Beach is home to several of these programs.

Like we always say, where there are travelers, there will be Passover bed bug infestations in Miami. Bed bugs are indiscriminate pests and will infest a 5 star Miami resort just the same as a 1 star roadside motel. Whenever traveling, always be vigilant to search the room before accepting it.

When looking for bed bugs, you are more likely to find evidence that bed bugs were present, rather than finding live bugs. Look for things like:

• Shed skin casings
• Fecal spotting
• Dead bed bugs
• Eggs
• Blood stained fabrics
• Live bugs
• Sweet musty odor

Miami Hotel Bed Bug Infestations During Passover

How to Find Bed Bugs

A search for evidence of bed bugs should begin in rooms where people sleep and rest including bedrooms and family rooms. Pay specific attention to beds, couches, chairs, love seats and recliners. Be sure to check cracks and crevices using your flashlight. Search behind and underneath items. Creases in mattresses and box springs are prime locations for fecal spotting and eggs.

Miami Hotel Bed Bug Infestations During Passover

If you find live bugs, it is important to notify management so that a Pest Management Professional can confirm the infestation and treat the infested area. Once a live bug is found, stop searching because you are likely to distribute bed bugs to other areas and infest your own belongings.

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