Orlando Bed Bug Injury Settlement

Orlando Hotel Settles Bed Bug Claim

In a recent case settled by the Bed Bug Injury Attorneys at Bed Bug Law, our client received over $50,000.00 for his injuries.  Orlando and surrounding areas is home to hundreds of hotels.  The city plays host to millions of travelers every year.  Earlier this year our client visited Orlando for business and stayed at a large hotel.  Our client was traveling with a group and shared a room with a teammate from work.  After one night staying at the hotel, our client began to notice bite marks on his arms and body.  Interestingly, the other teammate in the room Orlando Bed Bug Injury Settlement  experienced no bite marks at all.

Bed Bugs Affect Everyone Differently

We have handled thousands of bed bug claims.  Hotels and vacation rentals are some of the most common cases we will handle.  When two or more people stay in a hotel room, it is very common for some to be bitten while others not.  Why is this?  As in our case, one guest was bitten numerous times, the other had no bites at all.  This is not usually a result of one person being more attractive to the bed bugs.  What we find is that some people can be bitten and show no symptoms.  This can be very tricky when dealing with a hotel claim.

Hotel managers and insurance companies will claim “nobody has been bitten before” and seek to deny the claim.  What they do not realize is that guests can be bitten and not complain, they can also be bitten and show no symptoms.  Lack of bed bug bite complaints does not necessarily indicate a lack of bed bugs in a hotel room.  This could simply mean that guests who have been bitten did not realize what caused it, or did realize it and said nothing.  Not everyone who is attacked by bed bugs will take it upon themselves to file a complaint.

What to Do After a Bed Bug Bites

Luckily for our client, not only did he see bed bug bites on his body, he saw live bugs in the room.  After discovering live bugs in the room, he Orlando Bed Bug Injury Settlement  contacted hotel management and requested that his room be changed. The hotel manager changed the room and our client stayed a few more days for his work project.

At the time of checkout, our client packed his suitcase and other travel bags.  While checking out, our client discovered live bed bugs crawling from his bags.  Not wanting to bring his belongings home with him, he left everything at the hotel.  Property damage was several thousand dollars and included bags, shoes clothes and other personal items.  Property damage is a common part of any bed bug injury claim.  Never bring anything home that has had contact with bed bugs.  Bed bugs are very hard to kill, and the stress of potentially infesting your home could be worse than the expense of replacing some clothing.  Treating a home for bed bug infestations can be several thousand dollars.

Medical Treatment for Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are extremely painful and itchy. The raised red marks can appear several days after the initial bite is made on your skin.  When bites are severe, medical attention may be required. Most doctors will be able to recognize bed bug bites.  Bed bug bites often appear in rows or small clusters.  Depending on your specific sensitivity, bites can develop into open sores, blisters and become infected.  Bed bug bites can turn to permanent marks and scars on the body.

Medical treatment for bed bug bites can include injections, oral and topical medications.  We have had clients receive a wide variety of medical treatments including laser scar removal and surgery.  The severity of the bed bug bites will be determined by your specific Orlando Bed Bug Injury Settlement  sensitivity.  No two people will react exactly the same.  If you are experiencing a bad reaction, seek medical treatment from a medical professional.

Permanent Injury from Bed Bug Bites

Our client had received dozens of bites on his body.  The worst bites were on the arms and legs, which were exposed when he slept at night.  Due to his complexion, the bite marks lightened certain areas of his skin.  Doctors had told him that there was no treatment which could guarantee restoration of the original color of the affected skin.  This caused significant mental and emotional distress. Prior to his stay at the Orlando Hotel, he had no such marks on his body.  Now, as a result of the hotel’s negligence, our client suffered from numerous spots on his arms and legs.  These marks would likely need surgery to remove, which would be painful and could not guarantee success.

Many people will experience the same situation.  Different nationalities and skin tones will have widely different reactions to bed bug bites.

Contact a Professional Bed Bug Attorney for Representation

Our office has handled thousands of bed bug claims nationwide.  Contact us today for a free case evaluation to discuss your potential claim.  If you stayed at a hotel in Orlando and were attacked by bed bugs, you have rights.  We can protect your rights against hotel which allowed you to stay in a bed bug infested room.  You could be entitled to money damages.  Call us today.

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  1. I have bed bug bites all over me. Had to evacuate fue to hurricane Irma. Went to doctors today to get a shot, pills and cream. I’m so irrateable and hurting, itching. I feel like I want to rip my skin off. Having difficulty sleeping. My husband was lucky. Can you help me? We even took pictures of most of my bites

  2. Vera, it definitely sounds like you are experiencing bed bug bites. We have represented thousands of victims bitten by bed bugs at Orlando hotels. contact us today to discuss your potential case.

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