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I stayed at a hotel in Orlando Florida. My family was traveling from New York to visit Disney World and Universal Studios.  My husband, 2 children and I had planned a 6 day trip to Orlando.  After the first night at the hotel, we all started getting bite marks on our arms and legs.  I knew that Florida was hot and had mosquitos, but we did not see any in the room.  We assumed it was mosquitos so we bought bug spray and went out for the day.  The second night, we were bitten again and the marks became red, orlando bed bug bite injuries and swollen.  We knew something was wrong so we pulled back the bed sheets and saw black marks and live bugs.

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We were so disgusted so we went to Google and searched for Bed bugs because none of us had ever seen one.  After a bit of searching, we found out that bed bugs infest many hotels in Orlando.  We had to do something.  We contacted Bedbuglaw.com and spoke to an attorney who helped investigate our claim.  We received medical treatment for our injuries, which were severe.  We did not have to go to court, or travel back to Florida to resolve our claim.  The attorneys at Bed Bug Law helped to settle our claim and compensate my family for their injuries.  We are very thankful to the attorneys and staff at Bed Bug Law.

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