How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations in Your Home

What I do after a bed bug attack while away from home?

We have represented thousands of clients who have suffered a bed bug attack while traveling. The number one fear after the initial shock of the experience fades is: Will the bed bugs follow me home?  Will there be a bed bug infestation at my home? Bed bugs are expert survivors and How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations in Your Home  travelers.  Bed bugs are capable of attaching themselves to clothing or luggage to be moved wherever you go.  Although bed bugs will tend to consume a blood meal every few days, they are known to survive for months without feeding.  What this means for the average hotel bed bug bite victim is that the bugs can travel home with you and you may not realize it for weeks or months.

What happens after a bed bug attack at a hotel?

Being attacked by bed bugs is truly a horrifying experience.  Our clients describe periods of depression and anxiety not to mention the physical pain experienced from the bites themselves.  Bed bug bite victims are often afraid to stay at hotels again or even to sleep outside of their own homes.  It is a legitimate concern to not want to bring bed bugs home with you after a trip.  While there is no guarantee that bed bugs will not infest your home, there are some simple precautions you can take.

Pest control in the home to prevent bed bug infestations.

Regular pest control measures in your home.  Having a professional pest control company treat your home on a monthly or quarterly basis will go a long way to prevent bed bugs from taking hold.  While we never expect that our homes will be infested, there are many household pests, including bed bugs that companies will treat for.  If you live in a rental property, ask your landlord how often pest control companies will come and treat your apartment, condo or house.  If you own your own home, there is no substitute for professional pest control companies.

Mattress Encasement can help.

Using protective mattress encasement will decrease the likelihood of infestation.  Also, not a guaranteed way to prevent bed bugs from infesting your bed, mattress encasement can protect How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations in Your Home  your mattress and box springs.  Bed bugs are not only expert travelers, they are experts at hiding.  Mattresses contain seams, creases and crevices for them to hide in.  The mattress encasement will eliminate many hiding spots bed bugs will exploit.  Be sure to check your encasement for tears and holes when you change your sheets.

Reducing clutter gives bed bugs fewer places to hide.

Knowing that bed bugs are experts at hiding, you will benefit from reducing the number of hiding spots in your home.  Reducing clutter and keeping your home neat and clean will alert you to any changes.  If your bed and couch are covered in laundry and other items, it will be hard to notice bed bugs beginning to infest.  The same goes for other areas in your home, keeping a neat home and vacuuming regularly will help to eliminate any bed bugs.  This is not to say that bed bugs only infest cluttered homes.  Bed bugs will infest anywhere they can find food, and that includes some of the cleanest homes or nicest hotels.  Maintaining a clean and orderly home will help to identify a problem sooner.How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations in Your Home

Be wary of shared laundry facilities.

If you live in an apartment or in a location where you share laundry machines, be extra careful.  Running clothes through an ordinary wash cycle does not kill bed bugs.  When transporting your laundry to the facilities, bring them in closed plastic bags.  Place the clothes in the washer directly from the plastic bag and directly into the dryer afterwards.  The dryer’s high heat will likely kill any surviving bed bugs. Avoid folding your clothes on a shared table or surface in the laundry room, this will limit potential exposure to bed bugs or eggs.  Place freshly dried clothes directly from the dryer into your bag and take to your home.

Multi Family buildings are particularly vulnerable.

For those people living in an apartment building or a multi-family building, be vigilant.  Be sure to look for and seal any cracks in baseboards, light sockets or power outlets.  Bed bugs are able to How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations in Your Home  travel on peoples clothing and luggage, but are also capable of crawling through small spaces and between walls.  We have handled many cases where multiple rooms/apartments were infested by crawling through walls and under baseboards.  There is no replacing an attentive and vigilant homeowner or renter.

Contact a bed bug attorney to help you.

It is impossible to totally avoid bed bugs from entering your property.  However, it is possible to detect bed bugs early enough to prevent a problem.  If you are the victim of a recent bed bug attack at a hotel and bed bugs are now in your home, contact us today.  The staff at is equipped to evaluate your potential claim for injuries and property damage.  We are available when you need us most.  Call us, or visit to upload your case information and photos or documents.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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