Recent Bed Bug Lawsuits and Verdicts

Bed bug infestations have become a widespread problem in hotels, apartment buildings and furniture stores across the United States. Property owners and hotel management companies have been forced to take necessary measures to stop the infestations so that their guest, tenants and customers can live without fear of being bitten and injured by the bugs.

Recent Large Lawsuits and Verdicts

However, some property owners and business owners have failed to end the infestation and as a result, there have been increasing cases of bed bug lawsuits in different states across the country. The largest settlement awarded to date to an individual, in such a lawsuit was $800,000.00 given to a woman from Annapolis, Maryland. In this case, Ms. Faika Shaban rented an apartment that had been previously infested with bed bugs and the landlord failed to notify her of the bed bug infestation.

Recent Bed Bug Lawsuits and Verdicts

Another large bed bug verdict awarded in recent times was an award of $225,000.00 given to a family in Arundel County, Maryland. The incident arose when Ms. Jackson’s son started complaining of itchy spots on his skin. The child was taken to a pediatrician and dermatologist who recommended changes in his diet and prescribed a few allergy medications. But, all the doctor’s recommendations did not offer any solution. The Jackson’s later learned the source of the problem, one night when one of Ms. Jackson’s children began shouting and crying in the middle of the night that bed bugs were crawling on him and biting him. That’s when Ms. Jackson realized the cause of the problem was not allergies, but bed bugs that came from the bed frames she bought from Calidad Furniture & Linen Inc. Ms. Jackson retained counsel and filed a lawsuit against Calidad Furniture & Linen Inc., the company that had sold the bed frame.

Another major bed bug lawsuit witnessed in the last number of years was an award of $382,000.00 given to siblings who were severely attacked by bed bugs while staying at a hotel in Chicago. Due to these two three recent verdicts in bed bug lawsuits, property owners are on high alert about bed bugs and they should do everything possible to avert any bed bug lawsuit.

Our firm has assisted thousands of individuals injured due to negligent business owners not taking the necessary steps to properly treat a bed bug infestation.

If you or someone you know has been injured by bed bugs, contact us today for a free consultation. You can speak to an attorney by filling out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or by calling the Bed Bug Law team at 855-533-5552.

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  1. i work in a group home for the mental issue. We have contact the manger for 2 months about out bedbug bits and nothing is being done.

  2. Two days ago I found bed bugs in the bedroom I am renting. TheMyndords arE my roomates Sleeping 10ft away From my bed. I notified them immediately via text and email and verbally. They have since scheduled an appointment with an exterminator for this Friday (5 days from notification). I have since made several attempts to rid my bedroom of the bed bugs. I will be at work when The exterminator arrives. Do I have a right to see a report? My roomates do alot of international traveling to Guatemala and other South American countries. They have also stayed in a cruse and serval hotels in detroit, chicago, new york, and houston. We live in Michigan. Do I have a right to be compensated for damages?

  3. Anquanette,

    If you are not getting a response from the management, then you should contact the department of health or the appropriate government agency that regulates group homes in your state. We are interested in learning more about what is going on at the group home you work at. Call us, so we can learn more about your situation.

    Lee Ann

  4. Matthew,

    Before we can give you any answers, we need to review your lease. Please gather a copy of the lease and any other evidence which you believe may be relevant to bringing a claim against your landlords. One of our attorneys will call you shortly.

    Lee Ann

  5. We recently discovered we have bed bugs. The infestation was so bad we have not been able to sleep in out apartment the last several nights. We alerted our landlords of the situation and they informed us that they are not liable for the situation and all expenses have to be paid by us to eliminate the infestation. I have reviewed our leasing agreement and there is no clause stating we are responsible. Do we have a right to be compensated?

  6. Robert,

    This is a great question. Since your lease is silent as to who is responsible for pest control, you must look to the landlord/tenant statutes in the state you live in. The statutes will give you the answer you are looking for. The majority of the states place the burden on the landlord to provide pest control services. Assuming your state places the responsibility on the landlord, you can establish the landlord did something negligent and/or fraudulent, and you incurred damages then you may be entitled to compensation.

  7. I work for the Department of Social Services and we have a bed bug infestation. Department heads have known about it since April. Apparently they have fumigated on the weekends several times but we still have them. There is no notification to the employees as to what and when fumigation a occur or what the pesticides contain. Several employees have been bitten and live bugs are being found everyday. I’m afraid of going to work in fear of bringing some bug home. Help

  8. I am staying at Independence Place at 3501 East Independence Boulevard Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 and am currently experiencing an active bed bug issue, for the second time since my stay here. I moved in, in November of 2015 and first discovered this nasty bed bug problem in about February 2016. I reported it to management and they fumigated with a solution that smelled of cedar wood. I had to live with the strong smell for a couple of weeks, but the bed bugs were gone until about late September 2016, early October 2016.

    I am not sure if there were tiny offspring left behind or if someone planted these bed bugs in my bed. There are some unsavory people that live at this re-purposed hotel, and they are regulars and well-acquainted with management. I believe they somehow have collaborated and planted these bed bugs as a way to antagonize me.

    Obviously, I want to get rid of them so I can sleep soundly. I’m only sleeping a few hours a night. I fall asleep, but then I wake up when I start feeling them crawl around on me and inside of my, like my nose and ears. What should be the next step I take?

  9. Just over a year ago I learned that my kids’ father’s house (shared by several roommates) had a bed bug infestation. This sent me on a bed bug hunt at my own home, and much to my dismay, they were found living rent free in my home.
    I paid a significant amount of money for the heat treatment, which thankfully worked. The ex; however, refused to get professional assistance and swore that he could get rid of them without that cost. Fast forward a year, my home has been bed bug free…until just the other day when I found one.
    What is the likelihood I would have a civil case against my ex and his merry band of pranksters?

  10. I’ve gotten bed bugs from the Riviera Hotel and Suites over a year ago I still have the after-effects of the bed bugs noted from the emergency room 3months i still have scabies please help me I had a lawyer and a huge case I believe the lawyer didn’t know what the hell he was out there doing I don’t know what was going on all I know is that I never talk to the lawyer one in a whole year in aug they did the 1st demand but i still haven’t spoke to anyone i kept calling i kept asking questions that never get answer or ever get called back still asking questions to find out what’s going on with my case everyday trying to talk to the lawyer no hope the whole yr please help me me if you can I NEED A STRONG LAWYER TO FINSH THIS CASE 305 4974165

  11. Recently my apartment has been infected by bedbugs and a reliable company has been engaged to actively get rid of them. The apartment next door has also been infected, and they are blaming me for their problem, claiming that the bedbugs have traveled from my apartment to theirs. The exterminator tends to agree with them. Now they are asking me for a reimbursement for all their expenses incurred in both the extermination of the bedbugs, cleaning their clothes, and even hotel bills (two nights away during their apartment’s extermination procedures). This amounts to several thousands of dollars. If I do not pay for their bills, they may bring me to court.

    My question is: Am I legally obligated to pay them?

    I am anxious about a couple of things, beyond taking responsibility for this incident. Will my neighbors on either side of my apartment again blame me for future incidents like this that may occur? (I will do my best to prevent bedbugs, even by calling for inspections periodically check my apartment, if necessary.) Also, since I rent the apartment, I am afraid of eviction. (The owners generally don’t get involved about any particular issues I have had about my apartment, and have preferred that I deal with them.)

  12. I am sorry to hear about your current situation. You should refer to your lease to see what your legal obligation may be. What city and state do you live in? We may be able to put you in touch with a property attorney to defend you should a lawsuit be filed against you.

  13. I am very sorry to hear about your current situation. Taking on a case from another lawyer this far into the claim can be tricky. I would be happy to discuss your claim when you are available. Contact our office any time to discuss your case and any additional options you may have available.

  14. You might be able to file a lawsuit for damages against your ex, but what damages could you receive from them? Unless the defendants in the potential suit have assets that damages can be entered against, it will be very difficult to find a lawyer to take on the case. There is always small claims court where you can act as your own representative.

  15. Have you or anyone living with you been injured by the bedbugs? If management is aware of the bedbug issue and is not taking appropriate action to eliminate the problem, you could have grounds for a claim against the property owners and/or management company. Please contact us to discuss your potential claim.

  16. If i was at work and i work in and under homes i believe i brought bed bugs home and i wasp bite up me and my son would i be cover for a law suit against my company?

  17. For injuries that occurred while working, you should might benefit from seeking the assistance of a workers compensation attorney.

  18. Me and my hubby have been staying in a motel and have been getting bite marks constantly. We thought maybe it was the detergent they used.So tonight I was laying in the bed and out of the corner of my eye I seen it .I never seen one so I recorded it then looked it up. It was them!! So I killed it then we raised up the mattress and seen more so I recorded them.the first one was an adult, the last group were babies!!Sodo we

  19. In order to pursue a claim for bed bug bite injuries related to you recent bed bug attack, we need to see photos of your injuries as well as any pictures or videos of the bugs themselves. We also need to know what medical treatment you have received, if any. Visit the “Do I Have A Case” link on our website and upload the requested information. Once it is received, you will be contacted for a case evaluation.

    A bed bug bite injury attorney will contact you.

  20. In order to pursue a claim for bed bug bite injuries related to you recent bed bug attack, we need to see photos of your injuries as well as any pictures or videos of the bugs themselves. We also need to know what medical treatment you have received, if any. Visit the “Do I Have A Case” link on our website and upload the requested information. Once it is received, you will be contacted for a case evaluation.

  21. My name is Kenny Brown, Recently my daughter and I stayed an evening at a motel and she was attacked by what I assumed was bed bugs. After a visit to the ER it was confirmed that she was indeed severely bitten by bed bugs and had an allergic reaction to the bites. She was treated and released but continued to suffer from the effects of the bites. I then contacted the health department and requested for the room I stayed in be checked for bed bug infestation. I received conformation that the room was indeed infested with bed bugs and the hotel was ordered to have the room as well as others beside it exterminated.. I have pictures as well as video of my daughters bites as well as documentation of the entire ordeal.. I’d like consultation

  22. Bit at a hotel By these nasty things… the bite paired with my scratching caused me to cantrect necrotizing fasciitis- a rare flesh eating disease.
    Major surgery was needed to remove all infected tissues. 3 months+ of bed rest

    The hotel just denied my claim

  23. That sounds like a terrible experience. Please contact us directly to discuss the circumstances of your bed bug injury claim.

  24. My disabled sister recently moved into a rented room in a house. Prior to moving in we asked the land lord about bugs. Not only did he say there were no bugs but he required her to have a new mattress in order to prevent bed bugs. She was attacked by bed bugs the very same night. The land lord came over and sprayed for them but did not call an exterminator. One of her roommates told her that the land lord knew about the bugs before my sister moved in, he flat out lied about it. It has been 4 days since she moved in and between the bugs and the insecticides she became so ill that the urgent care doctor sent her to the emergency room to receive in- patient care. She is very low income and can’t afford to replace the damage done by this infestation. What can we do?

  25. Lorry, this sounds like an awful situation for your sister. Please contact us to discuss the bed bug infestation your sister is suffering.

  26. I live in Paintsville Kentucky in an Apartment building. I have contacted my landlords and they tell me that the whole town is filled with them and I was wondering how to take further action, I have contacted a couple of attorneys, but they do not take bed bug cases!!!

  27. I’m staying at a extended stay outside of Atlanta and I have broken out with rashes. I told management and they said they would move me to another room but I don’t think that is the solution. Also I read comments that said they have had bed bugs in the past. Do I have a case?

  28. I paid for a new serta mattress I didn’t see the mattress before they loaded it because it was a dark warehouse but the plastic was torn but once I got it home I seen large yellow sweat stains I called the place back and the woman who answered said she couldn’t switch them until another one was available she covered the phone but I heard her state to another employee who knew what we were talking about it must have been the one.. I didn’t hear the rest but was told she would call when another came in. I kept calling as well I because I’m OCD about any bugs especially bed bugs I bought a mattress cover and had to leave it in the back living room because if anything happened I couldn’t exchange it. That was in October and after several months I began getting bit and found one so large it stated that meant stage 5 infestation. I only new one person that helped pick up the mattress with a truck but wrecked the day I spoke with a different person who said there are several of mattresses to bring it back and exchange it. The woman would never transfer me to anyone else I paid over 300 after saving because I’m on disability and can’t afford to replace everything. Plus the amount of energy it would take I dont have due to muscle disorder. I need to know what to do even if I brought it back now it would get infested also I want to sue because I could have risked getting bedding bugs by buying a cheap used mattresses like the one I was given.

  29. I have been at a hotel for almost a week now and in 3 different spots I have noticed bites on my body face back of the neck and one above my elbow that is really really red and swollen

  30. William, Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law. We get thousands of calls about bed bug infestations in hotels. If you have encountered bed bugs while staying at a hotel please visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of evaluating and assisting you in filing a claim. Thank you for visiting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  31. I’m in between livid, hurt and very emotional right now. Before I left during COVID- 19 in April, the very first time I saw a bed bug I notified the manager, this was in March. Not only did I notify her, one morning she relieved my shift and saw a bed bug herself climbing on the stairs. She wanted it to be a secret and told me to kill it before any client saw it, and that they would hire a exterminator. I left on the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act April, 6th 2020, very shortly after this incident took place. Now, let’s fast forward to August, 12, 2020. I return to work. No one ever told me that the extermination never took place. I’m doing my runs and getting complaints from the clients about getting bit up. I have been finding very large infestations and bed bug groups in between, the clients beds and on the walls. I have been reporting this bed bug since early this year, and it took for a client to have bed bugs dropping down her ceiling on her, to have an exterminator spray only her room, because the job stated that was all they could afford. I have many photos and emails showing that I have been notifying the bed bug issue. My kids have been complaining that there was something biting them on my couch. I thought maybe it’s a spider or something. Today I found a live bed bug feeding on the back of my leg. At this point, I know for a fact my whole family has been exposed to bed bugs from my job. This is beyond negligence in the workplace. A Client stated that she was getting bit by bed bugs and she said My boss told her it must have come from her when, they know that’s not true. It’s been there way before she got there. I don’t understand this type of behavior, why couldn’t it have been taken care of on day one, Now it’s in my home. My family would have never been exposed, if this was taken care of day 1. I went to the emergency room with a bed bug out break, swelling and redness. My leg is very numb with a burning sensation. My job now wants to over me time time heal while getting paid, but I am in so much pain and is feeling very jumpy in my own home. I through away my couch, and still dont know if I still have bed bugs. I was reccommened to see a therapist (which I will). My job knows they were wrong I just need the right lawyer to take a look at my evidence.

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