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$10,000 For Bed Bugs At Hampton Inn In New Jersey

Our bed bug lawyers secured a $10,000 settlement on behalf of our client, Mr. W, for injuries sustained due to bed bugs in New Jersey. When Mr. W woke up on the first morning of his stay, he observed a bed bug on his bed. Then, he lifted up the sheets and observed another bed bug run across the bed. Thereafter, Mr. W went to the front desk, informed the front desk attendant of his observations and requested a new room. Mr. W was instantly changed to a new room and checked out the next day.

It is not unusual for bed bug bites to take up to 10 to 14 days to appear after being bitten by bed bugs. Every person responds differently to the bites. Some people have symptoms as soon as a couple hours after being bit by a bed bug, and others will not have symptoms at all.

A few days after checking out of the hotel, Mr. W started to notice multiple bites/welts all over his body. As each day passed more and more bites appeared on his body. Mr. W described the bites as being very itchy. It was exactly 6 days after Mr. W checked out of the hotel that he decided to see his primary care doctor. His primary care physician prescribed an oral antibiotic to be taken daily. Upon taking the medication the symptoms reduced significantly. Mr. W only required one visit with his doctor to treat his injuries.

We Always Provide Free Consultations On All Bed Bug Cases.

A couple weeks after the itching and red marks from the bites reduced significantly, Mr. Wong decided to retain an attorney to assist him with receiving compensation for the pain and suffering, embarrassment, mental anguish and inconvenience he had to endure due to the negligence of Hampton Inn. Mr. W contacted one of our bed bug lawyers for a no fee, no obligation consultations. Upon finishing the consultation, Mr. W decided to retain our services.

A demand package was submitted to the insurance adjuster assigned to Mr. W’s claim and shortly thereafter an offer was extended. After multiple settlement discussions, no agreement was reached. Both parties decided to enter into a pre-litigation mediation before a lawsuit was initiated. The day before the mediation was set to begin a settlement of $10,000 was reached. Mr. W was very happy with the outcome. Furthermore, Mr. W was very appreciative that we made the process very easy and always kept him abreast of new developments in his case.

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