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$15,000 Paid For Bed Bug Attack At A Florida Hotel

Our bed bug attorneys successfully negotiated a settlement of $15,000 on behalf of our client for a bed bug attack that occurred in Florida. On November 1, 2013, our client, Mrs. G and her husband were guests at a Hilton Resort in Daytona, Florida. In the early morning hours of November 2, 2013, while in bed, Mrs. G observed a small insect crawling on the sheets which she captured and threw in the garbage. An estimated 2 minutes later, Mrs. G observed another insect crawling on the sheets. Next, Mrs. G woke her husband up to determine what type of insect was in the bed. Mr. G removed the comforter and conducted an inspection of the bed. Mr. G’s search yielded clusters of bed bugs in each corner of the foot of the bed.

Always report bed bugs or signs of bed bugs to a hotel representative when you suspect they may be present in your hotel/motel room. Additionally, request a room change or check out of the hotel/motel as soon as possible.

Mrs. G immediately called the front desk and demanded someone be sent to her room. A few moments later, a security officer arrived at Mrs. G’s room and confirmed the insects present in the room were indeed bed bugs. Mr. and Mrs. G were transferred to another room, while some of their belongings were kept by the hotel and treated. Due to the procedures employed in treating Mr. and Mrs. G’s belongings a number of items were destroyed. Signs and remnants of a bed bug infestation were found and present at the hotel.

Each individual has different symptoms due to bed bug bites. Furthermore, individuals require different types of treatment with different kinds of doctors depending on their injuries.

Mrs. G sustained nearly 90 bed bug bites to her left arm, left hand, right arm, right hand, neck, left leg, right leg, left foot, stomach, back and chest.

On November 8, 2013, Mrs. G sought medical care and treatment for her injuries. Her treating doctor performed a physical evaluation and diagnosed Mrs. G with bed bug bites and erythema. The doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone 1% cream to reduce itching.

A little over two months after the bed bug incident, Mrs. G underwent further medical treatment for her related injuries. Mrs. G had symptoms of burning and tingling in her lower extremities, severe anxiety and depression as a result of the bed bug infestation.

A month later, Mrs. G required additional medical treatment for difficulty sleeping, joint pain, fatigue and elevated blood sugar levels due to exposure to bed bugs. It is not uncommon for a diabetic’s blood sugar levels to rise after they have been bitten by bed bugs.

Our bed bug lawyers demanded compensation on behalf of Mrs. G for physical and psychological pain and suffering endured, the value of her personal items which were discarded due to contact with bed bugs, medical expenses and loss of enjoyment of life. Although initially the insurance carrier on behalf of the hotel made an offer that was not acceptable to Mrs. G, eventually they agreed to compensate Mrs. G fully for her loss. Mrs. G is hopeful she will never again come in contact with bed bugs, but in the event she does, she will surely call us to represent her.

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