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Claim Settled With Nevada Hotel And Casino For Bed Bug Bites

Our client, a quality systems engineer, was staying at a popular hotel and casino located in Laughlin, Nevada, when she was bit many times in her room by bed bugs. On the third morning of her stay, she awoke itching on her right ankle and leg. Seconds later, she began to itch on her back. She got up, went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and observed a few bites in a linear line on her back just below her neck. Minutes later, our client called the front desk to report her observations. An estimated 15 minutes later, the head of security and housekeeping arrived at our client’s room. They requested an incident report be completed and our client complied. The head of housekeeping removed the mattress from the headboard and stated, “I am not an expert, we need to call Eco Lab to test the room.” Our client was then moved to a new room. The rest of our client’s trip was ruined.

The next day, the risk management department for the hotel confirmed the Eco Lab investigation for bed bugs was positive in the room. Before returning home, our client discarded nearly $2,500 worth of clothing and other personal items she had with her. Initially, our client tried to handle the claim on her own, but she was only offered a few hundred dollars. Upset with the manner in which the risk management department and insurance company handled her claim, our client decided to hire the bed bug lawyers at Bed Bug Law. Our team immediately went to work and a few months later we obtained an initial offer which was significantly more than what our client attained on her own. We continued to present evidence and make arguments to the insurance carrier which resulted in larger offers for our client. When it was all said and done our client was very happy she hired us and decided not to handle the bed bug claim without the assistance of an attorney.

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