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Family Recovers Large Settlement After Bed Bug Attorney Overturns Insurance Company’s Claim Denial

Insurance companies are in the business of attempting to pay as little as possible on a claim and seek to limit liability exposure on the part of their insured. Occasionally, insurance companies will deny a bed bug claim for reasons such as an alleged lack of notice on the part of their insured or alleging the duty of care standard was met. Our bed bug attorneys are well versed in the laws surrounding bed bug claims and have successfully overturned numerous claim denials as a result.

In the case of Mr. B and his daughter, the insurance carrier denied their claim on an alleged finding of lack of liability on the part of their insured. In the summer of 2014, Mr. B and his daughter were guests at a hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the purpose of celebrating Mr. B’s daughter’s birthday. On the second night of their stay, Mr. B woke up and observed in excess of 30 bed bugs scurrying across his bed. Our clients immediately reported the infestation to the front desk and shortly thereafter checked out.

If you stay at a hotel and think the room you are staying in has a bed bug infestation you should immediately put hotel staff on notice and either check out of the hotel or relocate to a room far away from the infested one.

As the days progressed Mr. B and his daughter started developing welts at the location of the bed bug bites. Mr. B sustained in excess of 100 bites and his daughter sustained in excess of 40 bites. Mr. B had to undergo two medical treatments for his injuries and his daughter had to undergo one.

The feeding capabilities of bed bugs, the extent of Mr. B’s and his daughter’s injuries coupled with the length of time they spent at the hotel demonstrated the existence of a long term infestation.

Despite the extent of Mr. B’s and his daughter’s injuries and the observance of numerous bed bugs, the hotel’s insurance carrier denied the claim on the grounds that “our insured is not liable for this incident.”

In response, we drafted a lengthy response arguing all of the reasons why the hotel should be liable for the injuries sustained by Mr. B and his daughter. After receiving our response, the insurance company reopened their investigation and made an offer of settlement. After several negotiations, our bed bug attorneys were able to resolve Mr. B and his daughter’s claim for over $15,500.

If you sustain injuries from a bed bug infestation while staying at a hotel in South Carolina or anywhere else in the United States there is a possibility a hotel’s insurance carrier will deny your claim. Our passionate team of bed bug attorneys will fight to get the justice you deserve. Contact our office today for your free consultation.