Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Florida Bed Bug Attorney Settles Family’s Claim For $22,182

Our clients, a family of three, collectively received in excess of 100 bed bug bites while staying at a Ramada hotel in Kissimmee, Florida. Our clients, checked into the hotel for a multiple night stay. A few nights into their stay, the hotel requested they move to another room, so they could make repairs to the room. The first night in their new room, Mrs. Ga (mother) awoke to find bed bugs in her bed. Shocked and frightened, Mrs. Ga woke her husband and daughter up. Upon further inspection, Mrs. Ga observed bites to her body as well as to her husband and daughter.

Mrs. Ga and her husband informed representatives at the hotel of their injuries and the bugs. Hotel representatives came to their room, conducted an investigation and created a report. Soon thereafter, our clients were transferred to a new room. Over the next couple of days, more bites appeared on our clients.

After checking out of the hotel, Mrs. Ga and her husband threw away all of their belongings they brought with them into the hotel. Mrs. Ga sought medical treatment on four separate occasions. Once at the hospital, twice with a dermatologist and once with a psychiatrist. Both, Mrs. Ga’s husband and daughter underwent medical treatment at a local hospital, with a dermatologist and a consultation with a Psychiatrist.

After presenting the evidence in support of our clients’ claims to the insurance carrier and multiple settlement discussions, our lawyers reached a settlement of $22,182 for the family. Our clients were pleased the case settled quickly and without the need for a lawsuit or a long, drawn-out process.

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