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Houston, Texas, Bed Bug Claim Settlement

In a recent Houston, Texas, bed bug claim, the team at Bed Bug Law has reached a settlement for their clients. Due to the nature of the release involved, the hotel and the amount of the settlement cannot be revealed.

Houston, Texas, Bed Bug Claim Settlement Release

Texas bed bug injuries at hotels which reach settlement phase are also subject to a release in order to be compensated. A typical settlement document will require the claimant to release all claims against the hotel in exchange for compensation. The release documents are often 1-2 pages and can be complex, full of legal language. Many times, when a claimant is not represented by counsel, insurance companies will present a release. The release can be very confusing and unfavorable to the claimant. This is why an experienced bed bug attorney an assist in any settlement negotiation with an insurance company.

Houston, Texas, Bed Bug Injury Case

Our clients visited Houston on vacation from Minnesota. The family of 3 flew down on a Thursday and checked into their hotel. Upon check in, the family entered the hotel room and placed their luggage on the bed. After dropping off their luggage, the family went out to see the sights and have a bite to eat. An entire day of sightseeing and eating in Houston, Texas, is tiring work, around 9 p.m., the family returned to their hotel for some rest. When the morning came, the family noticed that they had itchy red welts all over their bodies. The marks resembled bug bites, but they thought it might have been from mosquitos. After another night of waking up with itchy marks, the family complained to management. Management denied any issues of bed bugs in the hotel and could not change rooms due to the hotel being booked solid.

After an online search as to what could be causing their bite marks, the family determined it might be bed bugs. The beds were inspected and black fecal spots were found. Small white bed bug nymphs were found as well as adult red/brown bed bugs. The family was horrified, immediately checked out and sought medical treatment for their bites. By this time, the bite marks had all inflamed and had become open sores due to persistent scratching. The scratch marks turned to scars over the next few weeks.

The family returned home with their luggage, and noticed that they were still showing fresh bite marks for several weeks. They hired a professional pest control company to inspect their home, and bed bugs were found in the beds, the luggage and in the closet where the luggage was stored.

Filing A Houston, Texas, Bed Bug Claim

Once the bed bugs were confirmed in the room the family decided to file a claim against the hotel for their injuries. The family visited and spoke to a member of our team. After a thorough investigation into this potential claim, our team filed a claim against the hotel. After a few weeks, we received a letter from the insurance company representing the hotel. The team at provided the evidence of our thorough investigation. After several months of intense negotiation, the hotel agreed to pay the family to compensate them for their property damage, medical bills, pain, suffering, anxiety and cost of pest management at their home.

Houston, Texas, Bed Bug Settlement

The team at Bed Bug Law has helped thousands of families just like this one. With the right advice, preparation and investigation the Bed Bug Law team can help you recover damages for your injuries as a result of a bed bug infestation. Call our office today for a free case evaluation.