Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Over $45,000 Settlement Recovered By Bed Bugs Attorneys Against Massachusetts Hotel For Infested Room

When our clients, Mr. A, Ms. H, Ms. C and Mr. W checked into a beautiful hotel they never thought they would experience what transpired. Shortly after checking in, Ms. C started noticing bites/welts on her body. Eventually, Ms. C’s injuries became so severe that she had to undergo emergency medical treatment. As the days progressed, Ms. C developed over 100 bites and after requiring additional medical treatment she was diagnosed with bed bug bites.

By the time our clients realized they had come in contact with a bed bug infestation, Mr. A and Ms. H had already returned to their apartment and unknowingly transferred the infestation into their home. As a result, their apartment required several treatments for bed bugs.

If you believe you have come in contact with bed bugs it is important you take steps to hinder the spread of the infestation either by properly cleaning or discarding the items with you. Generally, exposing infested items to 120-140 degree temperatures for an extended period of time will kill all stages of a bed bug’s lifecycle. However, it is not uncommon for people to decide to discard infested items either because they do not have access to facilities that reach such high temperatures, they lack knowledge of what can kill bed bugs or they fear transferring the infestation to their vehicle or home.

After our clients realized they had come in contact with a bed bug infestation at the Massachusetts hotel, they put the hotel on notice of the infestation and were put in contact with the hotel’s insurance provider. After unsuccessfully attempting to negotiate a settlement without the assistance of a lawyer, Mr. A contacted our law firm to assist him and the rest of the group in acquiring increased offers of settlement.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the laws surrounding bed bug infestations and have substantial experience negotiating on behalf of our clients. We are regularly contacted by individuals who receive low offers of settlement when attempting to resolve their dispute independently. More often than not we learn these individuals made statements to the opposing side that harmed their claim. In order to protect your interests, you should immediately contact an experienced bed bug attorney that can zealously represent you from the onset.

Once retained, our bed bug attorneys worked tirelessly on behalf of Mr. A, Ms. H, Ms. C and Mr. W and were able to acquire a global settlement over $45,000 for the injuries they sustained. If you believe you have come in contact with a bed bug infestation, instead of attempting to resolve the claim on your own, contact our office to speak with an experienced bed bug lawyer. Not only will we protect your interests but we consistently receive offers substantially higher than the amounts individuals obtain on their own. Contact us today for your free consultation.