Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Video Plays Key Role In Settlement For Client Bitten By Bed Bugs At A Marriott Courtyard

Our client, Mr. James sustained multiple bed bug bites to his right arm and right hand while staying at a Marriott Courtyard in New Jersey. Mr. James and his wife checked into the Marriott for a one-night stay, which was ruined by bed bugs. In the early morning hours, Mr. James itched himself continuously. When he woke up he noticed bites on his arm. A few moments later he observed a bed bug on the bed. Mr. James quickly grabbed his phone and took a video of the bed bug. Then, Mr. James went to the front desk and showed the video and his bites to the receptionist. Shortly thereafter, Mr. James checked out of the hotel.

A few days after checking out, Mr. James still had symptoms from the bites, so he decided to go to the hospital for treatment. The treating physician performed a physical evaluation and diagnosed Mr. James with multiple maculopapular lesions on his dorsal hand, forearm and arm. The doctor noted the lesions were grouped in clusters of three (3) and were likely caused by bed bugs. The treating physician prescribed Diphenhydramine 50 mg and Methylprednisolone 4 mg to be used daily. Fortunately, the antibiotics assisted Mr. James in making a full recovery.

The next day, Mr. James contacted the hotel and requested reimbursement for his $894.42 visit to the hospital and $478.97 in personal property he discarded. The hotel representative only offered him $500. Furthermore, the hotel representative argued there was no finding of bed bugs in the room. Mr. James felt disrespected by the hotels actions. He immediately called one of our bed bug lawyers and requested a free consultation. Within months, we successfully resolved Mr. James claim for much more money than was initially offered. Part of our success was due to the fact that Mr. James had the foresight to record the bed bug in the room, therefore making it difficult for Marriott to argue no bed bugs were in the room. At the end, Mr. James was very happy he contacted us.

If you recently stayed at a Marriott Courtyard and were bitten by bed bugs call us today for a no-obligation consultation.