Suing a Coral Springs, Florida Hotel for Bed Bug Bites

With over 133,000 residents staying in Coral Springs, Florida according to, the city has become a hot spot for those travelers visiting family. Unfortunately, due to the rise in travelers, so to the rise of bed bug infestations in Coral Springs, Florida hotels. If a Coral Springs hotel has a bed bug infestation, are they liable? Absolutely! Hotels have the responsibility of ensuring that their hotels are safe and bed bug free. Here at Bed Bug Law, we have represented those who have suffered as a result of bed bug bites or bed bug infestations in hotels.

Suing a Coral Springs, Florida Hotel for Bed Bug Bites

So what can happen when there are bed bugs in your hotel room? Not just bed bug bites, but possibly a bed bug infestation in your luggage that you could take back home with you. This could cause complete destruction of your furniture and other personal belongings as well as potential emotional harm from your experiences.

If you are staying at a Coral Springs hotel and are not sure if you have bed bug bites or think you have bed bugs, read on to learn what to do next.

Checking for Bed Bugs in Your Coral Springs Hotel

It’s possible that you can confuse other insects from bed bugs. Bed bugs love to hide in dark and unlit areas within your hotel room, hiding so that they can feast on human blood without being caught. The most common place they can be found is in the bare mattress of your bed.

Before beginning your investigation, make sure you have your cell phone handy as we’ll need the flashlight function and use the diagram listed below to help in your identification of the bed bugs –

Suing a Coral Springs, Florida Hotel for Bed Bug Bites

First, strip your Coral Springs hotel bed of any linens, covers, comforters and other material. Then, turn off the lights in your hotel room and closely inspect your mattress for any small insects. Using the diagram above, you can identify the bed bugs by their appearance. If you see any any brown or dark stains on the mattress in the form of circles, these could be dried blood stains from bed bugs feeding. Additionally, check behind any artwork or other unlit areas within the hotel room, you may have to move furniture around.

Gathering Evidence of the Bed Bugs

If you have found bed bugs, you will want to take as many photos and video of them as necessary. If at all possible, capture the bed bugs in a completely secure container. Then, you’ll want to notify the Coral Springs hotel management team of the situation and any evidence you have taken thus far. When speaking to them, make sure you document your interactions with them including names and titles.

If you have received bed bug bites, you will want to take pictures and video of those as well to prove your case. Then, it’s time to talk to a Bed Bug lawyer.

Contact a Coral Springs Bed Bug Lawyer

If you have found bed bugs in your Coral Springs hotel, you will want to contact a Bed Bug Lawyer. Here at Bed Bug Law, we represent those who have suffered as a result of bed bugs. We offer a completely FREE case evaluation for everyone and we do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case! To get started, fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or give our Bed Bug Lawyers a call at 855-533-5552.

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