Suing a Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina for Bed Bugs

Did you know that hotels in Charleston, South Carolina are liable for having bed bug free hotels? Hotels have a responsibility to ensure that their hotels are clean, safe and bed bug free. If they do not take the proper precautions and care to ensure their hotel isn’t infested with bed bugs, then you can potentially sue them.

With 7.2 million visitors to Charleston in 2019, bed bugs are inherently more likely to be found in cities like Charleston. Bed bugs are carried from state-to-state from hotel-to-hotel due to the large movement of travelers carrying bed bugs from one destination to another destination.

Suing a Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina for Bed Bugs

So what do you do if you found bed bugs in a Charleston, South Carolina hotel? Read on to learn more!

Confirming You Have Bed Bugs in Your Charleston Hotel

Hotels can have other insect infestations that could be related to a bed bug infestation, however it’s important to ensure that you have encountered a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs feed on your blood while you are sleeping and are typically found within beds and dark areas within your Charleston hotel.

Using the life cycle chart below, familiarize yourself with the appearance of bed bugs in the many stages of their life –

Suing a Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina for Bed Bugs

The absolute first thing that you should do is to completely strip the bed of any linens, covers or comforters. You will want to get the bed setting down to the bare mattress and bed frame. Get a flashlight (or use the flashlight function on your iPhone or other device) and turn off the lights in your hotel room. Closely inspect the ridges and crevices of the mattress and see if you find any bed bugs.

Also, do you see any large red blotches along your body when you woke up? These could be caused by bed bug bites while you slept.

If you have found bed bugs or have suffered injuries from bed bugs, take photos and video of them in your Charleston hotel. If at all possible, capture the bed bugs in a completely sealed and secure container.

Notifying Management of the Bed Bug Infestation in Your Hotel

Once you have confirmed you have found bed bugs, it’s important to notify the management team in your Charleston, South Carolina hotel. Notify them in writing and in-person. Make sure you clearly document your interactions with hotel management as this is a key piece in proving your case.

Contact Bed Bug Law – Your Charleston, South Carolina Bed Bug Attorneys

If you have suffered as a result of encountering bed bugs while staying at a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, then you need to contact a bed bug attorney. Bed Bug Law is a firm helping those who have been injured and have suffered as a result of a bed bug infestation.

We offer a completely FREE case evaluation to all of our potential clients. Speak to an attorney by calling 855-533-5552 or by filling out our “Do I Have a Case?” form. We do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case!


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