Suing a Hotel in Sarasota, Florida for Bed Bugs

Sarasota, Florida has become a somewhat large retirement community for those deciding to get the beautiful beaches and views of Florida for the latter half of your their life. And as such, Sarasota has become a hot spot for families visiting their aging family members staying in various hotels. Unfortunately, this rapid increase in tourism within Sarasota (reaching 2.7 million in visitorship from October 2017 to September 2018) has resulted in a large risk for bed bugs and bed bug infestations while staying in a Sarasota hotel.

Bed bugs can infest hotels like those in Sarasota, Florida due to the rapid movement of travelers throughout the country. Bed bugs can be carried from home to home, hotel to hotel by clinging on clothing, luggage and other furniture. Bed bug infestations could also be pre-existing, but ultimately hotels have a responsibility to ensure that their hotel is bed bug free as the emotional and financial cost is high for victims. While staying at a hotel in Sarasota, Florida, if you have suffered from a bed bug infestation, you will want to read on on what to do next.

Suing a Hotel in Sarasota, Florida for Bed Bugs

How to Identify Bed Bugs in a Sarasota Hotel

Bed bugs are small, hard to find insects that hide in places that have easy access to human blood as this is their primary form of nourishment. You can find bed bugs hiding within the ridges of a hotel mattress or other linens as shown below –

Suing a Hotel in Sarasota, Florida for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs also hide in dark, unlit areas within your hotel room. If your hotel room is dark and has limited lighting, chances are they may be hiding something from you. If you get bitten by bed bugs, they can leave large red welts on your body and you won’t usually notice until you wake up and your itchy. So what do you do next?

What to Do Next

It’s important to confirm that you have indeed found bed bugs in your hotel room. The absolute first thing you will want to do is grab your cellphone and turn off the lights in your hotel room. Then, strip the bed of any linens and other material on your hotel bed to get it down to the bare mattress. You will also want to check behind any artwork or framed pieces in your hotel room as bed bugs strive to not be found. Take your cellphone and use the flashlight function on your hotel bed to identify bed bugs. Use the lifecycle diagram to help you in your inspections –

Suing a Hotel in Sarasota, Florida for Bed Bugs

If you have indeed found bed bugs, you will next want to capture photos and video of your injuries and the bed bugs themselves. If you are also able, capture the bed bugs in a secure container. Next, you will want to notify the management team of your Sarasota hotel by contacting the front desk. Make sure you take clear notes of who you spoke to including dates and times, titles and names of individuals.

Contact a Sarasota Hotel Bed Bug Attorney

So, you stayed in a Sarasota hotel and found bed bugs? Did you get bitten by bed bugs? Are you sure you didn’t carry that infestation back home? Here at Bed Bug Law, we are here to help you. We represent those who have suffered as a result of bed bugs while staying at Sarasota Hotels.

To get started, fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or call us at 855-533-5552 to speak to a bed bug attorney for a completely FREE case evaluation. We do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case, so reach out to us today!

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