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  • I had high level professional assistance with my case. All was very clear since beginning and finished as expected. Had good updating of info during the process.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Very clear and effective lawyers.

    Paco R.

  • Thank you for the great service you provided and the way my case was handled. I was very pleased with very quick responses to all my questions. The details provided made me understand the legal matter of the case, the situation I was in, the expected outcome. I am also grateful to Mrs. Diana M. your Legal Assistant for her dedication and for being there whenever I needed to contact you and I thank you for that Diana.

    Would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Absolutely. I will always recommend your Legal Firm and I highly recommend your services.

    What could we do to improve?
    Keep up the good work. It speaks for itself.

    Mary P.

  • Working with BED BUG LAW law firm was a wonderful experience. It was a great experience, the law firm staff members were always polite and professional, they fought to get be the best Settlement. When I had questions, I would just pick-up the phone and call sometimes 2-4 times in one day, they were always pleasant. Special thanks to Jason, Jasmin, Tabitha, and the best for last Craig.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Of course I would recommend BED BUG LAW. As a matter of fact I already recommended them to a friend. If I ever need a lawyer I will be returning.

    What could we do to improve?
    BED BUG LAW does not need to improve anything – just always stay the way you are, always putting your clients best first. Nice working with all of you.

    Carolyn F.

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13 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. My children were bitten over 20 times each by bedbugs at a Cocoa Beach “resort”. I contacted Attorney Grant Schwarz at GS Law Group, and the entire group was extremely attentive and helpful from the first second we spoke. Attorney Schwarz and his legal assistant, Paola, are a blessing. They represented my children as though they were representing their own family. Attorney Schwarz was able to reach an agreement on my case quickly, and he made sure that my children were fairly compensated for the horrendous mess that this “resorts” bed bug infestation has caused. I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Schwarz, and the entire GS Law group to anyone who needs help.

  2. I was bitten by bed bugs while staying in a Atlanta hotel on business. Since this was my first experience ever dealing with bed bugs I didn’t know exactly what was happening and thought my body was breaking out. I went to the ER and they told me that I had been bitten by bed bugs. I relayed the information to the hotel and they totally blew me off. I contacted the firm and they walked me through what they needed from me and how to retrieve the evidence/documentation of bed bugs from the health inspector. They also were able to negotiate a settlement on my behalf to recoup the monies I spent on the hotel, clothing, etc. Overall, they were knowledgeable, professional, and prompt.

  3. Awesome service, thank you so much. I didn’t think I had much of a case, but this firm really did come through for me. Perhaps if more bed-bug victims take this legal action, maybe all hotels will be inspired to put their mattresses into special bed-bug proof bags and take this health threat more seriously.

  4. Thank you so much Mr. Edwards. Bed Bug Injuries are an incredibly common occurrence in this country. We are very sorry that you had to experience it first hand, but are delighted that we were able to help you through it. Thank you for your testimonial.

  5. This law firm did a great job with handling my bed bugs issue at a hotel I stayed at in South Carolina!

  6. We brought home bed bugs from Florida. I had tried with other attorney offices to get someone to help us with a case. They all told us they were not interested in our case…this is when I found Grant Schwarz and his assistant Paola. She listened, and they took our case. Thank you everyone in your office for your patience and all your help.

  7. Thank you so much for allowing us to represent you on your bed bug injury claim.

  8. Wanted to Thank The Law firm for Handling My Case so Quickly and Thoroughly !
    They were very Professional in Every Way. I live out of state and They took Great Care of Me.
    Special Thanks to Grant Schwarz, Paola Aramayo & Daniel Berke who made it very easy for me to sit back and feel reassured that everything would be taken care of.. I Highly Recommend this law firm to Anyone who is Looking to Be Represented Legally Regarding Bed Bugs.

  9. I appreciate you guys for being very professional and helping me solve my case . Thank you

  10. I got bit by bedbugs at least 30 bites this firm is AMAZING THEY WERE NICE AND VERY HELPGUL THROUGH TE WHOLE PROCESS i would definitely recommend to EVERYONE!!!

  11. While staying at motel six in Pinole Cali with my girl we noticed the next day bites all over us,so we got medical attention,and contacted this law firm,and wit great results

  12. I want to thank Paola Aramayo & Daniel Berke specifically for all of the communication they had with me through my case. This was not a fun injury to endure but I felt well cared for with this law firm. Everything was handled professionally and they made sure they were very clear with their support and communication on next steps and follow ups with me. Thank you for representing me and for all of the help! I really appreciate it.

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