Austin Texas Bed Bug Injury Settlement

Our client, a single male traveled to Austin, Texas for a business trip.  At check in our client did not check the room and mattress for evidence of bed bugs.  After his first night, he had multiple bite marks on his arms and legs.  After the second night, the bites had swelled and were so painful that he sought medical treatment.  The emergency room staff saw the bite mark pattern and believed it was from bed bugs.  Austin Texas Bed Bug Injury Settlement

What to do if you think there are bed bugs in your Austin Texas hotel room

After returning to the room, our client searched the bed sheets and under the mattress.  There were live bugs present and black fecal spotting on the box spring.  After taking several photos, our client complained to management who denied the problem. Our client immediately checked out of the hotel and sought a new hotel for the night before he flew home.  Our client visited and filled out the “do I have a case” form, uploaded his photos and contacted our office.

After a brief consultation, our client discarded his suitcase, took his clothing to the nearest laundromat and placed the clothes in a high heat dryer to kill potential bed bugs and eggs.

Returning home after an Austin Texas bed bug attack

After he had returned home, our client followed our advice and did not bring his belongings back into his home, but rather left everything outside in a plastic bag in the sun to kill any remaining bugs.  After a day in the sun, the items were brought immediately to the washing machine where they were thoroughly cleaned in hot water, and placed in a hot dryer yet again.  More pictures of the bites were taken, and the local Department of Health was contacted. Austin Texas Bed Bug Injury Settlement

Unfortunately for us, the health department did not visit the hotel for several weeks, thus preventing neutral third party confirmation of bed bugs in the Texas hotel.  Regardless of the lack of confirmation, the photos and videos of the bugs in the room satisfied the insurance company that the bugs were in the room.

Austin Texas Bed Bug Injury Settlement

After months of investigation and negotiation, the team here at were able to achieve a settlement of over $10,000.00 for our client.  This sum covered medical expenses, property damage and bodily injury.  Thankfully our client did not have permanent scars to his body.

Austin Texas hotels are a very common place for travelers to be attacked by bed bugs.  Contact the team at or visit fill out the form and upload your photos for a free case evaluation.

2 thoughts on “Austin Texas Bed Bug Injury Settlement”

  1. I spent a night at a well-known national chain hotel in north Austin, Texas. I awoke early the next morning to check out when I discovered a bed bug on the mattress. Upon further inspection, I found an army of dozens of bed bugs between the mattress and the box spring along with droppings. I documented them with numerous closeup photos and video. I even collected bed bugs in a zip lock bag. I noticed multiple welts on my arms and chest which were not there the day before. I called the front desk and spoke to a young woman and told her what happened. She immediately acknowledged that the hotel had bed bug issues in the past on the first floor but was surprised there were bed bugs on the 3rd floor(neglect). She offered to put me in another room or give me my money back. I told her I would come down to talk about it. I went to front desk and spoke with the girl. As I was talking with the front desk employee, the manager passed by. I showed her the plastic bag full of live, crawling bed bugs and asked her why weren’t ALL the rooms thoroughly checked for bed begs before they were rented out if it was known that there was a bed bug issue. She became agitated and upset and threatened to call the police if I didn’t immediately leave the property. She said I was “trespassing.” This hotel manager made me fear for my safety and also humiliated me. Fearing arrest and jail, I fled the area as fast as I could. I walked to a mini mall and threw most of my clothing, belongings, bag away and bought new clothing. The new day, still emotionally traumatized and in pain, I visited a walk in clinic and was prescribed medicine and clonidine for the welts and anxiety. I lost work over this. I called a well-known law firm, told them my story, sent pics and videos. I was told I had a strong case. I was also told the pictures were very good. A year later after no contact from firm, I’m contacted with a lowball offer.

  2. Mr. Shepherd, that is unfortunate to hear. We are happy to review your file and discuss your options. Bed bug injury claims fall under a 2 year statute of limitations in Texas. That means you have less than one year to get your case filed in court or it could be lost forever. Decide what you want to do and move forward. Depending on the specifics of your case and the amount of time that has elapsed since your bed bug injury case began, we may or may not be able to take on your case. We are available any time to discuss this bed bug case. Call us at your earliest convenience to speak to a member of our team.

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