Texas Bed Bug Injury Claim Settlement

When traveling, even a quick education about bed bugs can do a world of difference to save you from injury.  A short weekend in Dallas, Texas turned into an absolute nightmare when a business traveler was attacked by bed bugs.  HotelsTexas Bed Bug Injury Claim Settlement  are the biggest source of bed bug injury claims we encounter.  Of the thousands of calls we get every year from bed bug bite injury victims, a vast majority come from hotels.

Discovering Dallas Bed Bug Hotel Infestation

Our client had travelled to Dallas for years, and had never encountered a bed bug infestation.  After one night of sleep, our client discovered live bed bugs in her bed.  Our client did not believe she had been bitten because she was not itchy and did not see bite marks on her skin.  Some of the bugs were brought down to the front desk to show management.  When shown the bugs, management immediately identified them as bed bugs and offered to change rooms.  Our client accepted the accommodation and was placed in another room on a different floor.  The hotel did not treat her luggage or clothing.Texas Bed Bug Injury Claim Settlement

One night went by and still no bite marks appeared.  Our client also did not see more bugs in the new room.  After the third night, our client began to notice several patterns of red bite marks on her skin.  The marks were raised, very itchy and were hot to the touch.  It did not take long to realize that the bed bugs had gotten to her.  She immediately checked out of the hotel and visited a local 24 hour walk in clinic, at great expense.  The visit cost her $500.00.  Some medication was prescribed which alleviated the symptoms somewhat, but the thought of being eaten alive by insects was deeply troubling.

Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home After Traveling

After returning home, our client smartly placed all of her items in big garbage bags and left them in the sun for 24 hours before bringing them home.  The heat from the sun in the bags killed many of the bed bugs.  When she brought the items into her home, she saw several dead bed bugs in her clothes and the luggage.  Worried that she had brought live bed bugs into her home, she contacted a local pest control company which came and treated her home.  The treatment cost $2,000.00, which she paid out of her pocket.

Texas Bed Bug Injury Claim SettlementTexas Bed Bug Injury Claim Settlement

After our thorough investigation into this case, we were able to determine that an infestation had been ongoing for several months prior to our client staying at the hotel.  We gathered all of the evidence and made a claim for damages.  The hotel agreed to repay the cost of medical treatment, pest control treatment plus money for pain and suffering involved with the terrible bed bug attack.

If you recently travelled to Dallas, Texas and believe you have been attacked by bed bugs, contact our office today for a free case evaluation.  You can visit our easy to use consultation form at www.bedbuglaw.com/do-i-have-a-case to fill out the form and upload photographs of your injuries.

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