Using an Attorney for Injuries Received from Bed Bugs

Did you know you can use an attorney to receive compensation for injuries you received from a bed bug infestation? If you have received injuries from bed bugs as a result of another’s negligence, you should hire an attorney to help you.

Determining If You Have a Bed Bug Injuries Case

Were you staying a hotel, rented furniture or moved into a new apartment? Did you wake up and find large, red welts on your body after receiving your furniture or staying at a hotel? It’s possible you may have been bitten by bed bugs. Here’s an example of a man who has received injuries as a result of bed bugs –

Using an Attorney for Injuries Received from Bed Bugs

If you think you have a bed bug injuries case, make sure you prepare the following information to speak to a bed bug injuries attorney –

  • Maintain a log of the events that occurred clearly delinted by dates and times of the communication
  • Document any conversations with staff along with names, titles and phone numbers
  • Capture, store and maintain backups of any videos or photos you have taken of your injuries
  • Document and capture descriptions and photos of the progression of your bed bug injuries
  • Document and collect records for any days or time missed at work due to treatment
  • Capture any bed bugs you can and keep them in a secure jar or small plastic bag

Types of Bed Bug Injury Cases We Handle

Bed Bug Law handles many different types of bed bug injury cases, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Bed Bugs in Hotels, Motels, Airbnb or Resorts
  • Bed Bugs in a Apartment or House
  • Bed Bugs found in New, Used or Rental Furniture
  • Bed Bugs in the Nursing Home
  • Bed Bug injuries in Daycare Centers

To learn more about the different types of cases that we handle, visit our homepage at

Contact Bed Bug Law – The Bed Bug Injury Attorneys

Bed Bug Law is a law firm dedicated to holding businesses, furniture renters, landlords and others accountable for bed bug injuries that you may have received. Bed Bug Law has been serving those who have received bed bug injuries for over 7 years with significant success in getting his client’s compensation. We do not charge a fee or have any costs unless we win your case!

If you or anyone else has received injuries from bed bugs, you may you have a bed bug injuries case. Please reach out to our team by filling out the “Do I Have a Case?” form or by calling (855) 533-5552 to speak to an attorney right away.

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