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How to identify bed bug bites

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Bed Bug Bites

Knowing how to distinguish bed bug bites from other bites allows you to act accordingly sooner by getting medical help and considering your legal options. You don’t want to mistake this bite for a harmless one.

Here is how you can identify bed bug bites.

Pay attention to the location and the number

Like other insect bites, bed bug ones are itchy and may lead to bumps. However, you should pay attention to the location and number of bites. Bed bug bites are usually in a line or zigzag pattern and close together.

Bed bugs don’t have wings – they can’t fly to different parts of the body. When they attach to one part, they will bite it before moving, hence bites will be grouped.

Bedbug bites are also red and can be surrounded by blisters. Thus, if you have swollen, itchy red bites in a line or zigzag, you may be been bitten by bed bugs.

Do more bites mean more bed bugs?

If you have many bites, this may not necessarily mean you were attacked by many bed bugs. One bed bug may bite you several times. To feed, bed bugs insert their mouthparts into the body to find a suitable blood vessel, a mission that may not be accomplished after one injection. A bed bug may bite you several times before feeding.

Further, when you move, it may remove its mouthpart to hide. The bed bug may have already bitten the part to which they were attached on. When you settle, it may move to a different body part and start the process.

If you are bitten in when staying somewhere, you should work with an attorney to seek compensation.