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Frequently Asked Bed Bug Claims Questions

The frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of our website was designed to provide general information regarding bed bug claims. The information is not legal advice and is for informational purposes only. Please contact us immediately to discuss your bed bug claim.

General Questions

I live in Illinois. What should I do to prevent bed bugs from infesting my home or being attacked by them at a hotel?

Our firm has assisted hundreds of clients with bed bug cases across the country including claims in Chicago, Westville and Itasca, Illinois. According to Orkin Pest Control, Chicago is the number one city in the United States for bed bug treatments. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of the population bed bugs are a growing problem […]

Residential Claims

My home is infested with bed bugs. What should I do?

My home/apartment is infested with bed bugs. What should I do? All too often landlords and property managers rent homes and apartments without disclosing the past or present existence of bed bugs in the residence prior to new tenants taking occupancy. Unfortunately, thousands of families are injured and displaced on an annual basis as a […]

Compensation And Remedies

Common Question: How Much is a Bed Bug Case Worth?

In the below video, a bed bug attorney discusses the value of bed bug claims and lawsuits. A bed bug claim can be worth as little as a few thousand dollars to as much as several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please keep in mind, there are many factors that are evaluated when determining the […]

General Questions

What happens after I hire your firm? What is the process?

Once we accept a case our team of bed bug lawyers and assistants take many steps to gather evidence and present a claim to maximize our client’s recovery. Since all cases are not the same, we rarely follow the same procedures in the handling of claims. Some cases resolve within a few months and others […]


Compensation & Remedies

What steps should I take before I discard my belongings that came in contact with bed bugs?

Question: I recently stayed in a room at a hotel that had bed bugs in it. I am scared that I may bring the bed bugs home with me. I am going to throw everything away before I leave. Any recommendations? Answer: It is very important to properly document all damages for your bed bug […]


General Questions

Bitten By Bed Bugs? Learn Why You Need to Document Your Claim with Photographs

The Importance of Taking Photos of All Bed Bug Evidence Being bitten by bed bugs is a painful experience, one that drains you of energy as you seek to find immediate relief. Unfortunately, while searching for a way to alleviate the pain, many victims forget to document evidence of the bed bugs, the initial bites and the progression of the injuries with […]


Compensation & Remedies

I recently stayed in a room at a hotel that had bed bugs in it. I am scared that I may bring the bed bugs home with me. I am going to throw everything away before I leave. Any recommendations?

Question: I recently stayed in a room at a hotel that had bed bugs in it. I am scared that I may bring the bed bugs home with me. I am going to throw everything away before I leave. Any recommendations? Answer: It is very important to properly document all damages for your bed bug […]


Hotel Claims

I did not see the bugs in the hotel room that bit me. Can I file a lawsuit or pursue a case against a hotel for injuries caused by bed bugs?

This is a great question and a very common question our bed bug attorneys are asked. Over the years, we have successfully represented clients against hotel and motel chains across the country that were attacked by bed bugs, but did not actually see the bugs in the room. It is not uncommon for an individual […]



General Questions

What is my bed bug case worth?

Answer: This is a great question. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes “All people are not created equal,” the same holds true for bed bug cases. Over the years, our bed bug lawyers have seen settlements and verdicts for as little as a couple thousand dollars all the way up to several hundreds of thousands […]



Furniture Claim

Why shouldn’t I sign a Waiver or Release and Settlement Agreement without contacting a bed bug lawyer first?

Answer: Never, ever, ever sign any contract or agreement unless an experienced attorney reviews it. Over the last several months, our bed bug attorneys have received a higher volumes of calls from customers of Aaron’s Furniture and Rent A Center claiming they purchased furniture from one of these stores and their home is now infested […]

Furniture Claim

A furniture store wants me to sign a settlement and release agreement in exchange for bed bug extermination treatment. Should I do it? Is it fair? 

Question: I have bed bugs from new furniture I purchased. We bought a bed frame, mattress and box spring from a furniture store a month ago. Within two weeks of delivery I started to notice bites on my body. At first, I did not know what caused the bites. It turns out it was bed […]

Hotel Claims

Can a lawsuit be filed against a hotel for bed bug bites?

Answer: YES! A lawsuit against a hotel for a bed bug problem is all too common these days. Courts across the country have recognized that victims of bed bug-related injuries can bring claims under multiple legal theories against hotels and motels. Hotels owe a duty to their guests to exercise reasonable care in maintaining […]

Hotel Claims

What do I do if my hotel room has bed bugs?

QUESTION: We checked into a hotel in Houston, Texas. We believe the mattresses are infested with bed bugs. We have many bite marks all over our body. I removed the bedding from the mattresses and saw brownish spots on both mattresses, but no bugs. I don’t know what to do now. Please tell us what […]

Residential Claims

Should I leave my home or apartment if I have Bed Bugs?

Whether or not to leave your home due to a Bed Bug Infestation is a common question that arises amongst clients. Unfortunately, there is no one answer that is the right fit for every situation. In most, but not all situations a victim of a Bed Bug Infestation is better off leaving their home or […]

Furniture Claim

Can a store be liable for selling or renting furniture with bed bugs?

New, used and rented furniture are the second most common location that bed bug infestations are found. The bed bugs live in the furniture and they come out at night looking for blood or when a human is sedentary for an extended period of time. Furniture retailers, manufacturers, and furniture rental companies can be held […]

General Questions

Where do Bed Bugs Most Commonly Hide When Not Biting Humans?

The most common locations in which bed bugs hide are: 1) Inside a mattress depending upon the material of the mattress 2) Along the seams and tufts of a mattress 3) Beneath sheets and blankets on beds 4) Inside wood box springs joints 5) Behind baseboards and headboards 6) Beneath carpeting and wood floor boards […]


What are the most common injuries caused by bed bugs?

Bed bugs are known to cause a number of health-related injuries to individuals. Most of the time individuals have different side effects and symptoms due to bed bug exposure. Some common physical injuries caused by bed bugs include: skin rashes, blisters, large red bumps all over body, Uncontrollable itching for days or weeks; Permanent […]

Hotel Claims

What should I do if I have been bitten by bed bugs at a hotel or motel?

Report the bites and bed bugs to a hotel or motel employee or manager immediately. Demand that someone from the hotel or motel draft an incident report or create some official document on their letterhead. Make certain the report includes the following: Time, date and location (room number). All witnesses names, addresses, and phone numbers […]

Consumer Protection Laws

Are there any Consumer Protection laws which provide me with any rights following a bed bug attack or damage to my property by bed bugs?

All states across the country have consumer protection laws. Most consumer protection laws provide that consumers can recover their actual damages from a business that has treated them unfairly or deceptively, in addition to having their attorneys’ fees paid. These laws are commonly found in State specific Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Acts. […]

Hotel Claims

Can a hotel be held responsible for fraud if they don’t tell a guest about prior bed bug attacks at the hotel?

If a hotel is aware that they had a bed bug problem in their hotel and they place a guest in an infested room, then the hotel could be held liable under a legal theory known as fraudulent concealment. The requirements for a claim of fraudulent concealment are different depending on the state, the bed […]

Hotel Claims

Under what circumstances can a claim or lawsuit be brought against a hotel or motel for not informing a guest about a bed bug problem?

There are many legal theories under which a claim or lawsuit can be pursued against a hotel or motel for injuries sustained as a result of a bed bug infestation. Hotels must take reasonable actions to prevent bedbugs from attacking humans and damaging personal property. If you have been attacked by bed bugs while at […]

Residential Claims

If you suffered bed bug injuries and related expenses while renting a house or apartment, can I sue the landlord or property owner?

Generally, the answer is YES. Not only can the landlord /property owner be liable, but there may also be a management company and extermination company which could be liable as well. Constructive Eviction is one such legal theory that a victim of a bed bug infestation or attack can sue his/her landlord. Constructive eviction occurs […]

Can I make a claim or file a lawsuit against my landlord for not telling me about a bed bug problem?

Yes, most of the time you can file a lawsuit against a landlord for injuries sustained as a result of a bed bug infestation, but the better question is, under what circumstances will a victim of a bed bug infestation have a successful claim or lawsuit against a landlord or property owner? The answer to […]

Compensation & Remedies

Can I be compensated for my injuries and out of pocket expenses I have incurred as a result of a bed bug infestation?

YES, in most instances. There are many different legal theories that allow for a victim of a bed bug infestation and/ or attack to be compensated for their injuries, lost wages and related out of pocket expense due to the actions or inactions of a hotel, motel, furniture store (new, used or rental), landlord or […]