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Items that could be carrying bed bugs

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are often passed off as a minor issue. While the majority of bites lead to no long-term complications, bed bug bites can be itchy, painful, and in some cases, bites can result in allergic reactions and infections.

Bed bugs can travel from one place to another by being carried on certain items and materials. What items could potentially be carrying bed bugs?

Can bed bugs spread from person to person?

It is a common misconception that bed bugs can be carried from person to person like lice. They cannot. Nonetheless, bed bugs can be carried on peoples’ clothing. Bed bugs may be present in any kind of clothing, especially clothing that has already been worn and is darker in shade.

Generally, bed bugs like to remain stationary, and movement should make it unlikely that they are on the clothes a person is currently wearing. However, bed bugs could be present in suitcases, laundry baskets and anywhere clothes are packed and stored.

Bed bugs and linen

One of the most common places to find bed bugs is in bed linen. This is especially the case for unwashed linen. Any venue that hosts guests must take great care to inspect bedding before allowing customers to stay in the room. Linen should be kept fresh and washed at a temperature ideally above 140 degrees.

Bed bugs can also be carried in furniture (especially used furniture), mattresses, lamp shades, curtains and other soft furnishings. Anywhere that hosts members of the public has a duty to implement hygiene procedures that minimize the risk of bed bug bites. If you have been impacted by this issue, it will benefit you to seek legal guidance.