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Bed bug bites on humans have become a major problem in the both the United States and globally. As nationwide bed bug attorneys we have consulted thousands of bed bug victims throughout the USA about bed bug attacks that have resulted in physical injuries, psychological problems, lost wages, medical bills, damage to personal property, remediation expenses and extermination bills. A person that has been bitten by bed bugs due to the negligence of someone else is entitled to seek compensation for their damages. Our bed bug lawyers help individuals that have suffered bed bug bites anywhere in the USA with a claim for damages against hotels, motels, furniture stores, vacation rentals, apartment complexes, landlords, insurance companies, property management companies and negligent exterminators.

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects which can cause serious injury to a person. Almost all claims for damages resulting from bed bug bite injuries are handled by large commercial insurance companies. These insurance companies often try to minimize the seriousness of a bed bug attack and do not understand the injuries that these insects can cause to a person. Our bed bug attorneys have been handling injury claims against insurance companies since 1979. The frequency of bed bug bites on humans has reached such a high level of public health importance that in September 2013, five of the US government’s largest federal agencies released a “Draft Federal Strategy on Bed Bugs” containing national strategies to fight the battle against bed bugs. Unfortunately property owners, businesses and insurance companies continue to ignore the risks and damages caused by bed bugs.

Our bed bug lawyers have the skill, knowledge and resources necessary to help you obtain compensation as the result of being bitten by bed bugs. In most situations we can resolve your claim without the need to file a bed bug lawsuit, but in some cases the responsible party is not reasonable and we must file a lawsuit. We never charge any attorney fees or costs unless we make a recovery for you. We work with top bed bug experts, medical professionals, and pest control experts in order to prove your claim. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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Facts About Bed Bugs

Most bed bug bites take place at night when a person is sleeping. More than 90% of bed bug attacks take place in hotels and private residences. Bed bugs feed on human blood and they can take up to six times their body weight in blood. Female bed bugs lay between 2-5 eggs per a day and they usually hatch within 10-15 days at room temperature. Bed bugs can survive from 20-400 days without feeding. Due to the lack of feeding frequency, the bed bugs can be present for weeks or months before they will bite a human. The life span of a bed bug is usually less than one year. Bed bugs prefer to live and hide in small dark cracks and crevices.


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