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Resolved Bed Bug Cases

This page is a small sample of some of the bed bug cases our bed bug lawyers have resolved. The facts of each client’s bed bug case are different, and you should not create any unjustified expectations about your case based on the past results we have achieved. To protect the privacy of our clients, their names have not been disclosed.

Houston, Texas, Bed Bug Claim Settlement

In a recent Houston Texas bed bug claim, the team at has reached a settlement for their clients. Due to the nature of the release involved, the hotel and the amount of the settlement cannot be revealed. Houston Texas Bed Bug Claim Settlement Release Texas bed bug injuries at hotels that reach settlement phase […]

Austin, Texas, Bed Bug Injury Settlement

Our client, a single male, traveled to Austin, Texas, for a business trip. At check-in, our client did not check the room and mattress for evidence of bed bugs. After his first night, he had multiple bite marks on his arms and legs. After the second night, the bites had swelled and were so painful […]

Florida Bed Bug Bite Injury Hotel Settlement

Florida Bed Bug Bite Injury Lawyer Obtains $15,000 for injured hotel guest. “I hired the attorneys at in January of 2017 to help with my bed bug bite injuries in Orlando Florida. I spoke to Attorney Grant Schwarz who helped me through every step of the intake process. Grant Schwarz was able to […]”

California Hotel Bed Bug Settlement

$40,000 Bed Bug Settlement for a Family of 3 at a California Hotel The attorneys at have obtained a Bed Bug Settlement for a family of three at a California Hotel. A mother, grandmother and granddaughter were attacked by bed bugs while on vacation at a Comfort Inn & Suites in California. The family […]

Pennsylvania And New Jersey Bed Bug Lawyers Helped The Injured

Bed bug claims are on the rise at Pennsylvania and New Jersey hotels. Our bed bug attorneys have settled numerous claims for clients injured by bed bugs while staying as overnight guests at hotels in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, specifically, the cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown and Erie. Furthermore, the cities of Newark, […]

Florida Bed Bug Attorneys Case Settlements

Have you stayed at a hotel in Florida and been bit by bed bugs? Have you recently moved into an apartment only to find out your new apartment is infested with bed bugs? If so, you have come to the right website. Our team of bed bug lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients […]

New Jersey Bed Bug Attorneys Obtain Settlement For Client

For a two-week stay, Ms. Hil, our client, resided at a Hampton Inn located in Voorhees Township, New Jersey. An estimated 12 days into her stay, Ms. Hil observed bite marks on her body but had no idea where they came from. The next day, Ms. Hil checked out. While staying at the hotel, […]

Atlantic City, New Jersey Bed Bug Lawyer Settlement

Mr. J, our client, was a guest at a well-known hotel and casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. On or about January 19, 2015, at approximately 3:30 a.m., Mr. J woke up itching. After turning on the lights, he noticed numerous bites and welts on his body and observed bed bugs in his bed. Immediately, […]

Lawyer Recovers $18,500 For Clients Bit By Bed Bugs At A North Carolina Hotel

Bed bug attacks at hotels and apartment complexes are on the rise in North Carolina. Our attorneys recently resolved a case against a popular national inn/hotel chain for $18,500. Our clients, Ms. Ba and Ms. Mc (real names not provided) checked into a hotel for a short stay. Shortly after checking in, Ms. Ba and […]

Over $45,000 Settlement Recovered By Bed Bugs Attorneys Against Massachusetts Hotel For Infested Room

When our clients, Mr. A, Ms. H, Ms. C and Mr. W checked into a beautiful hotel they never thought they would experience what transpired. Shortly after checking in, Ms. C started noticing bites/welts on her body. Eventually Ms. C’s injuries became so severe that she had to undergo emergency medical treatment. As the days […]

Family Recovers Large Settlement After Bed Bug Attorney Overturns Insurance Company’s Claim Denial

Insurance companies are in the business of attempting to pay as little as possible on a claim and seek to limit liability exposure on the part of their insured. Occasionally, insurance companies will deny a bed bug claim for reasons such as an alleged lack of notice on the part of their insured or alleging […]

Bed Bug Lawyers Recover Thousands For Client Injured At A West Virginia Inn

On June 6, 2014, our client, Ms. Mar was a guest at an Inn located in Charleston, West Virginia. Ms. Mar checked into Room 24 and shortly thereafter noticed a bug crawling across the comforter. Ms. Mar captured the bug in toilet paper and took it down to the front desk. The front desk clerk […]

Claim Settled With Nevada Hotel And Casino For Bed Bug Bites

Our client, a quality systems engineer, was staying at a popular hotel and casino located in Laughlin, Nevada when she was bit many times in her room by bed bugs. On the third morning of her stay, she awoke itching on her right ankle and leg. Seconds later, she began to itch on her back. […]

New Jersey Bed Bug Case Resolved For $10,000

Our investigation of this incident revealed that our client, Ms. Ca was a guest at a Holiday Inn located in New Jersey. On June 29, 2014, at approximately 2 a.m., Ms. Ca woke up itching and noticed several bites/welts on her body in her room. Uncertain of the cause, Ms. Ca went back to sleep. […]

Video Plays Key Role In Settlement For Client Bit By Bed Bugs At A Marriott Courtyard

Our client, Mr. James sustained multiple bed bug bites to his right arm and right hand while staying at a Marriott Courtyard in New Jersey. Mr. James and his wife checked into the Marriott for a one-night stay, which was ruined by bed bugs. In the early morning hours, Mr. James itched himself continuously. When […]

Attacked By Bed Bugs? Don’t Wait To Contact A Lawyer

Ms. Mob, our client, was attacked by bed bugs nearly 90 times while staying at a lodge in Hollywood, Florida. Ms. Mob checked in on April 8, 2014. When she woke up on the morning of April 9, 2014, she noticed a couple of bites on her arm. At first, Ms. Mob thought the bites […]

Florida Bed Bug Attorney Settles Families Claim For $22,182.00

Our clients, a family of three, collectively received in excess of 100 bed bug bites while staying at a Ramada hotel in Kissimmee, Florida. Our clients checked into the hotel for a multiple-night stay. A few nights into their stay, the hotel requested they move to another room, so they could make repairs to […]

Man Injured By Bed Bugs At A Utah Hotel Receives Settlement Of $13,500 After Hiring Experienced Bed Bug Lawyers

Bed bugs are an increasing problem in Utah and across the country. A big misnomer is that people often expect to find these insects in dirty locations, such as cheap motels or apartment rental buildings, but they exist in even the cleanest of hotels or nursing homes. The ability to quickly detect bed bugs at […]

$10,000 For Bed Bugs At Hampton Inn In New Jersey

Our bed bug lawyers secured a $10,000 settlement on behalf of our client, Mr. W, for injuries sustained due to bed bugs in New Jersey. When Mr. W woke up on the first morning of his stay, he observed a bed bug on his bed. Then, he lifted up the sheets and observed another bed […]

$15,000 Paid For Bed Bug Attack At A Florida Hotel

Our bed bug attorneys successfully negotiated a settlement of $15,000 on behalf of our client for a bed bug attack that occurred in Florida. On November 1, 2013, our client, Mrs. G and her husband were guests at a Hilton Resort in Daytona, Florida. In the early morning hours of November 2, 2013, while in […]