Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Bed Bug Lawyer Reviews and Testimonials

We are committed to providing the highest level of legal representation and treating our clients in the same manner that we would want to be treated if it was our own case. For privacy purposes the full name of each person listed below has not been disclosed. The ethic rules regulating attorneys require us to state that you should not create any unjustified expectations based upon the information listed below. Upon request we can provide you with the name of past clients in order to discuss their experience of working with our firm.

  • I stayed at a hotel in Orlando Florida. My family was traveling from New York to visit Disney World and Universal Studios.  My husband, 2 children and I had planned a 6 day trip to Orlando.  After the first night at the hotel, we all started getting bite marks on our arms and legs.  I knew that Florida was hot and had mosquitos, but we did not see any in the room.  We assumed it was mosquitos so we bought bug spray and went out for the day.  The second night, we were bitten again and the marks became red,  and swollen.  We knew something was wrong so we pulled back the bed sheets and saw black marks and live bugs.

    We were so disgusted so we went to Google and searched for Bed bugs because none of us had ever seen one.  After a bit of searching, we found out that bed bugs infest many hotels in Orlando.  We had to do something.  We contacted and spoke to an attorney who helped investigate our claim.  We received medical treatment for our injuries, which were severe.  We did not have to go to court, or travel back to Florida to resolve our claim.  The attorneys at Bed Bug Law helped to settle our claim and compensate my family for their injuries.  We are very thankful to the attorneys and staff at Bed Bug Law.

  • The biggest complaint most people have about their attorney is not being able to contact them or their legal assistant.  Every time I called I either spoke to the attorney or his assistant. If neither was available I received a call back that same day. If the message was left after hours I received a call back the next day. I provided the information requested and my case was handed.I am very satisfied with the service Attorney Grant Schwarz and his staff provided.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs an experienced attorney.

    Thank you all for the help you gave me.  Dianne H.

  • I am a client from across the country but would use this law firm again if needed. They kept me informed along the way on what was happening with my case.  I appreciate them and all they have done for me.  I am highly satisfied with the job done for me.

    Thank you, Nancy C.
  • The firm was very helpful and informative. They were on my side and looked out for me. Keep up the great work.

          Queenie D.

  • The whole process was fast and easy. I would recommend this firm because everyone I spoke with at the firm was very nice. They did exactly what they said they were going to do for me. Thank you.

    Rafael R.

  • Thank you and many thanks to the entire team at Dell Law for your services and helping my family with this matter. We are truly grateful and appreciative.

    Martha G

  • I had a horrible experience with bed bugs at a hotel. It was so traumatic that I didn’t think anything could ever make it right. I tried to communicate my losses to the hotel’s insurance company on my own, but they were unresponsive and difficult. I was ready to just give up.

    I thought involving lawyers would be extremely expensive, time consuming, and stressful — and I just wanted to put the whole thing behind me. We found the team at Dell Law, and they made is simple. They told us exactly what we needed to provide, and handled the messy negotiations. I also found that they approached their work with a great deal of integrity, which was important to me. We agreed that we wanted to settle outside of court (even if going to court could have gotten me – and the lawyers – more money) because we wanted to minimize stress, and we agreed on a minimum number that would make me “whole” (as opposed to making a profit). The goal was never to take advantage of the hotel, but rather to provide me with a settlement that covered my financial and emotional losses.

    The final agreement was several thousand dollars above my minimum. While the pain and suffering can never be undone, the settlement helped provide me with a sense of justice that has allowed me to move on. I am very grateful.

    Lisa C.

  • Dealing with bed bugs was a very stressful event for my family, I had looked for many attorneys and most turned me away, until I called Dell Law firm, they were fast acting with contacting me to get things moving along, Ms.Kley was my assigned attorney and she did an amazing job, working very diligently on our case, I highly recommend Dell Law firm for all you’re bed bug claims!

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
    Very good.

    Would you recommend us?
    Yes I would !

    What could we do to improve?
    I have no suggestions.

    Camber W.

  • The experience was very straightforward and smooth. Although it is a out of state firm, we were handled as if we were right there in the office. We appreciate being treated as individuals instead of just a case number. I felt like the attorney knew us and knew how to deal with us personally. Working with the firm was a great experience.

    Mechelle D.

  • After my horrific bed bug attack, I looked on the internet for an attorney. I made two inquires, and talked to two legal assistants. I asked about upfront fees, and did not get a response back from one of the firms. Verona, the legal assistant at Dell Law, called me back. She asked questions, and told me to send a chronology, plus pictures of my bed bug attack. I was told that I did a good job on providing a step by step account of the assault. I was encouraged that I would really be heard.

    My husband and (attorney) son wanted to get more facts from attorney Grant Schwarz. I was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to make the time for a conference call. After the call, Verona emailed the contract to be signed. From that point forward, she efficiently communicated with me, step by step, as I collected the documents needed from the doctors and the clinics.

    Mr. Dell called me when an initial offer was made. Nine months had passed, and I still had swelling. He went back to the table with the insurance adjuster. I agreed to the second offer. He explained in precise terms, his fees, expenses, and the timeline that it would take to bring my case to a close.

    I found Mr. Dell to be an upfront, no nonsense attorney. He clearly reported the facts in an honest manner. I felt to be in good hands with him. I would recommend his services to family and friends.

    Henrietta H.

  • My experience working with Dell Law was great!  I went away on my honeymoon last year and the place I stayed at had bedbugs. I didn’t know what to do and came across Dell Law’s website. I completed a form and was contacted within minutes. They took my case and supported me the whole time. I appreciated the support and actually understanding what I was going through. Great people and would definitely use them again and refer to friends!

    Karen L.

  • The attorneys and legal assistants were available for calls and follow-ups to take the information I sent them about my stay at a bed bug infested hotel room and had a understanding of the situation. They worked with me to move towards finding a fair resolution and hopefully make hotels take note that ignoring bed bugs infestations can be costly. Thanks to all at Dell Law Firm.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
    A 10 out of 10.

    Why would you recommend us?
    If you are unfortunate enough to stay at a bed bug ridden hotel room, you need legal help to get a fair resolution for the gruesome experience, especially if the stay was in a state you do not live in. The hotel will not care, or act mildly concerned, and, in my case, offer only to take the room charges off expecting never to hear from you again. The aftermath of dealing with the bites is a really miserable affair. The Dell Law Firm took my case and got the hotel insurance company to come up with a fair settlement. I was thankful for the direct line phone numbers to make sure the information I sent was received and fully understood.

    Chris C.

  • I had an attack of Bed Bugs while holidaying in Chicago. The hotel manager was very uncaring even though he acknowledged the hotel was at fault. He didn’t offer any recompense for my pain and suffering.

    A friend suggested I seek legal assistance. Dell Law was my choice as they responded to my call for help quickly and in a professional manner.

    My experience with Dell Law was very satisfying. The legal assistants were very helpful and thorough. Answers to my questions were responded to promptly. I am very happy with the outcome of my experience. Dell Law was professional, friendly and helpful. I would recommend Dell Law without hesitation.

    Linda F.

  • Having never been thru this process before I was pleasantly surprised by how easy Dell Law made it. Everything was explained to me as I was walked thru the entire process. I received a fair settlement for my injuries something I could have never done on my own. They are great people to work with!

    Thank you
    Ted N.

  • We did everything via internet because I live in Brazil. The law firm was responsive even though the whole team struggled to understand my English. My English is very bad. They were very good and very professional. I am very happy with the results.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    K. Sarmento

  • My experience was great! Friendly staff, immediate responses, as well as great with updates.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?

    Chennel F.

  • I had the unfortunate experience of being bit (over 70 bites) by bed bugs at a hotel outside of Atlanta. While the event was horrible it actually brought me to associate with Vanessa and Attorney Grant Schwarz at Dell Law. They were considerate and kind and outside of my medication were the best part of the whole incident. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Dell Law in need of a caring law firm and their exceptional team!

    Why would you recommend us?
    Effective communication is the key to any good relationship. I had that with Dell Law. They kept me informed and directed me every step of the way and my claim was resolved much sooner than I had anticipated.

    Teresa A.

  • My experience working with attorney Grant Schwarz and his team was all top notches. From start to finish I was given an opportunity to provide information on my case and in return received detail explanation of every step of the process. Attorney Dell took the time to call and update me on each step along the way with such brilliant explanations of options and possible end results. This law firm does honest work and treats clients with respect. All this together made me rest assured that they were truly working hard on my behalf.

    The overall service from the staff was superb, questions answered in a timely manner. Thanks to the dedicated work performed on my case I am happy with the results. Being bitten by bed bugs is no joke and your case will require an attorney who has experience handling such cases. Grant Schwarz is the attorney to contact, I am truly happy I did and wanted to say thank you again for such wonderful work.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
    Absolutely Superb!!

    Why would you recommend us?
    They took the time to listen and gave me an opportunity to outline all the details to do with my bed bug bitten experience.

    Omar M.

  • Last year me and my family were assaulted by bed bugs at a hotel in Orlando. I had got a recommendation about Craig’s firm, they were absolutely brilliant, honest, thoughtful and got me and my family a great recovery. Craig is a gentleman and all of his employees follow in his greatness. They care about their clients and get them what they deserve. They all answer the phone and would stay on all day with me if I couldn’t understand something. This is what America needs. I also dealt with Vanessa and Verona they are wonderful, warm people who answered all my questions. If I need an attorney or my family needs an attorney there is only one number I’m calling: bed bug law. Thanks again Craig for getting me and my family a great recovery and being a gentleman.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
    I would have to say 200% plus absolutely brilliant!

    Why would you recommend us?
    The reason I would recommend bed bug law to other people is because they were wonderful with me and my family and got us the money we deserved. They were always extremely nice and honest. I would recommend this firm to everyone. I have already, a couple from Fort. Lauderdale who needed an honest attorney and I will continue to do so because bed bug law are the best. Thanks.

    What could we do to improve?
    Bed bug law don’t need to improve anything. They are honest hardworking, reliable and considerate. Craig you have a wonderful firm, I will recommend you to everyone I know. Good people always have great success and continue forever.

    John D.

  • Verona from Dell Law did a fantastic job working on my case. They promptly contacted me whenever there was an update and were always very open and honest with me. I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Dell Law.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
    On a scale of 1 to 10, I give a 10.

    Mitchell J.

  • I am very pleased with this firm. My case was dealt with in a very timely manner, and everyone was very helpful. I would highly recommend them. Very punctual, in contact and professional. Overall great experience.

    Erica R.

  • After researching and speaking with a few lawyers about my case, I decided to go with Mr. Dell. I felt confident in his ability to resolve my case after speaking with him. My experience has been a satisfying one. His team was meticulous in informing me where my case was and what was the next step. Everything was explained and my involvement was minimal. Which was a big plus. I live in NY and always felt they were adjacent to me and not more than a few minutes away. Because of their prompt reply. I made the right choice by hiring this firm. The legal assistants were nothing but courteous and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a legal team who’s members are professional, efficient, knowledgeable and truly have your best interest at heart.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
    Extremely satisfied.

    Why would you recommend us?
    They are knowledgeable, professional, efficient and care about their clients. They keep you in the loop on your case and aren’t like most lawyers I’ve worked with, who go months without making contact.

    Barbara V.

  • I had a pleasant experience. They settled my case in a timely manner and were very professional. Most importantly they kept me informed and actually returned my phone calls. The legal assistants at the firm were very proficient, knowledgeable and accommodating. I would recommend this firm to my friends.


  • Just got the check in the mail and am going to deposit now – what a happy day. Thank you so much Craig, it felt amazing seeing that check and knowing I made the right decision to have you represent me. Really really appreciate everything you’ve done to get me to this point today!

    Thank you!

  • I am very happy with all the legal advice that Dell Law helped me understand about my case. Overall I was very satisfied with my representation and hands down give them a 10. I strongly recommend this firm because they know what they are doing and were very helpful. I hope I NEVER need your help again with bed bugs. It was NOT fun! 🙂


  • Craig and his firm did an amazing job on our case, they are amazingly professional and efficient and I would 100% recommend them.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
    10/10 perfect.

    Clifford M.

  • Outstanding from start to finish. Understanding and helpful throughout.


  • The attorneys at Bed Bug Law were very hands on and very polite while handing my bed bug case, because of them things we’re handled in a timely manner, I recommend them to handle any bed bugs case you have, or any other case for that matter, I’m very satisfied how my case turned out, I would use them again…. A VERY HAPPY CLIENT!!!!

    They are great people who know their stuff and know how to get the job done.

    Stacy Q.

  • Easy and fast. This was my first time working with an attorney in my life. I can’t compare them to other attorneys, but if I had to, I would compare them to the best. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a great personal injury attorney that delivers good results.

    Rodney G.

  • It was an extreme pleasure having Grant Schwarz represent me in my bed bug case. From the very beginning his firm made sure I had everything I needed and made me feel comfortable with the entire process. I was in constant contact with Craig throughout the entire case and was always kept up to date and informed. My case was settled very quickly and I was very pleased with the results. Thank you Craig.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?

    Why would you recommend us?
    I felt very comfortable with them. I always felt like they had my back.

    Joe T.

  • My experience working with Mr. Dell and his crew was an great experience. They were very responsive to any and every question I had from phone calls to emails. Very helpful and persistent! Made me feel like a person and not a case number. I thank you guys so much. I recommend BED BUG LAW because they waste no time at all when it comes to solving cases, very friendly and highly attentive!!


    It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Dell and his team! I went on a vacation with friends to New Orleans and stayed in a Knights Inn Hotel. As we proceeded to unpack and relax, I immediately started itching on the back of my legs but didn’t pay any attention to my injuries. By the middle of the night we knew something was wrong, I turned on the lights, pulled back the cover and discovered huge bugs as if they have been there for a long time. I called the manager to the room and told them I’d been bitten by bugs, he insisted that the bugs came from us. A day later I ended up in the hospital and spent two days. I was told I was indeed bit by bed bugs and hadn’t I arrived sooner the infection would have been fatal! I immediately called BED BUG LAW.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
    On a scale of 1-10 I give 20.

    Why would you recommend us?
    Recommend this firm because the moment I called, they were right on my case with no hesitation and worked swiftly to get it resolved! And for that I am very grateful..

    Deanna L.

  • My daughter and I moved into an apartment that was infested with bed bugs. We had no idea the apartment was infested with bed bugs when we moved in. We had no idea what had been biting my daughter for weeks. I complained to the property manager multiple times, but she ignored me. One night while changing my daughters sheets I found bed bugs in her bed. The next day I called the property manager and told her what I found. The property manager blamed me for bringing bed bugs into the apartment. She told me I had to pay an exterminator to get rid of the bed bugs. I had no money to pay an exterminator. Something was not right. We never had any problem with bed bugs before moving into the apartment. I did not bring bed bugs into the apartment. I called many lawyers, but not one wanted to help my daughter and I. By some grace of god I got a hold of Vanessa at Mr. Dell’s office. I told Mr. Dell everything that happened. He got me out of my lease within days and got me a refund for the rent I paid in addition to my security deposit back, but he did not stop there. He also got me money for the furniture and clothes we left behind, doctors visits, moving costs and much more. I am so thankful that I found Mr.Dell and he took my case. Thank you Vanessa for all of your help. Thank you for helping me and my daughter. God bless.

    Why would you recommend us?
    Good reputation.

    Yolanda M.

  • Very professional and proficient. Everything was precise and accurately done. The Attorneys get the job done. They are very knowledgeable and always are in contact with you about any updates or details so you’re never left out in the open.

    What could we do to improve?
    You guys did great and I don’t see anything that needs improvement from my experience.

    Amiel A.

  • Attorney Dell has provided, work of integrity and it has been a pleasure working with him. We were very delighted to have one on one communication with an attorney as well as being provided with the knowledge and details in the case.

    Travon Y.

  • My family and I are grateful to DELL LAW, for the excellent support and professionalism with which they handled and resolved our bed bug claim. Dell Law made ​​accessible and possible compensation of our claim. Overall the experience was excellent.

    What could we do to improve?
    Promote you services more and let people know you provide these types of services. Many people don’t know their rights and believe they cannot pay for a lawyer.

    Henry S.

  • My experience with working with the Dell Law Firm was very satisfying. I would recommend this law firm to anybody who is in need of an attorney with anything.

    Lisette T.

  • Well, I must say that this firm did a wonderful job in helping me with my case. Most attorneys are all about money and being greedy, but I did not have that experience with this law firm. Mr. Dell and Vanessa did a excellent job with getting my case resolved with this company and they gave it 100%. The rate that the company charge is a good rate, so you don’t feel like you are getting the end of the stick and left with nothing. Also, it helps that they don’t charge any monies upfront and they take their fee out when they win your case. I must say an AWESOME job and good people.

    I would recommend this law firm to anybody who is in need of an attorney with anything. The best so far and honesty is very important to me and they exceeded that.

    Keep up the good work.

    Rachel R.

    How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?

    Why would you recommend us?
    Because the attorneys are upfront and honest with you and the fact that they do not charge no upfront fees.

    What could we do to improve?
    Keep being honest and continue to do a good job.

    Rachel R.

  • Mr. Dell

    I would like to thank you for representing me. I truly appreciate it. I will keep you in mind if ever I should need you again. Anyhow, thanks again.

    Diana L.

  • My experience with working with BED BUG LAW was very satisfying. Fortunately for me, this firm was willing to take my case. Even though my case was a small one, it was handled with as much proficiency as a larger one. From the very beginning, there was a genuine interest in the case, and I was immediately put at ease.

    My case was handled quickly and efficiently. I was always kept informed with every step of the process. At no time, was I given any unreasonable expectations.

    Thank you.

    Barbara M.

  • Mr. Dell and his assisant were awesome. They kept us informed on what was going on with the case and that ment a lot. We trusted his judgement on helping my kids get the best settlement. The Hinnant family is very thankful to all that worked on the case.


  • On behalf of my family and I, we would like to say thank you so much for your time and all your hard work it is greatly appreciated. You made a great recovery for us.

    Stephanie H.

  • Grant Schwarz is an excellent attorney. The whole team that I had the pleasure to deal with was remarkable. My husband and I was on our honeymoon when I had the unfortunate meeting with bed bugs. Needless to say…honeymoon ruined! This team is very knowledgeable and precise. Because of me turning to them I can finally get the honeymoon that was intended.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Precise Fair Knowledgeable

    What could we do to improve?
    No ways.

    Angelica C.

  • Please describe your experience of working with BED BUG LAW:
    It was a great experience. My lawyer Grant Schwarz did a very good job with my case. Plus he is very funny. I would recommend BED BUG LAW because I know whoever I recommend would be in very good hands. Over all it was a great experience.

    Farah E.

  • Please describe your experience of working with BED BUG LAW:
    Mr. Dell answered all of my questions and gave me good advice. Sonia, the paralegal, assigned to my case was always very attentive and sweet. I would recommend BED BUG LAW because they treated me very well and did a great job.

    Walter M.

  • Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Fast and reliable. Craig had always replied in hours and when he explains something he goes into detail to give you a better understanding. I would recommend Grant Schwarz to anyone.

    Ryan M.

  • I felt that my experience of working with BED BUG LAW was very pleasant. I, living in Chicago, Illinois, had a very easy time contacting BED BUG LAW, being located in Florida. I chose this company based on reviews and never met the lawyer helping me. Craig returned every call and email, and explained things specifically and thoroughly. Craig was specific, trustworthy, and hardworking. I was very satisfied working with BED BUG LAW.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?

    I would recommend BED BUG LAW because they are helpful, trustworthy, and hardworking. They did the best of their abilities and were very concentrated and serious.

    What could we do to improve?

    Looking back at my experience with BED BUG LAW, I truly had no problems what so ever with them. I must say, that there is nothing that BED BUG LAW need to do to improve their company.

    Jarek G.

  • Hi,

    My name is Alisha and I would like to take this opportunity to share my wonderful experience with BED BUG LAW. In 2010 my daughters and I visited a hotel in the Gainesville area and encountered bed bugs. I reached out to Dell & Schaefer in 2013 and had an opportunity to speak with Grant Schwarz who was most helpful with not only assisting me with obtaining reimbursements for medical expenses but damages as well. This case was handled professionally and expeditiously, which in turn relieved an extremely heavy weight that I carried as a parent because of my children’s experience. I can’t say thanks enough for all that you all have done for my family and I.


    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Just to name a few of many. Both of my daughters cases were handled efficiently, professionally and expeditiously which in turn relieved a tremendous amount of stress for me as a parent.

    What could we do to improve?
    No recommendations at this time.

    Alisha P.

  • I have had an amazing experience with this law firm. Craig has gone over and beyond to get the best settlement offer possible. I would recommend this fim in the future.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Their commitment to the client.

    What could we do to improve?

    Leah L.

  • Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?

    They work hard to help your situation and please the customer. They try their best to help you. Craig always returned my phone calls immediately and clearly explained each step of the process.

    Nelson F.

  • Please describe your experience of working with BED BUG LAW:
    Very helpful, kept me updated through the whole process and helped guide me through the process as best as possible.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Easy to work with. Explains everything to you thoroughly and does their best to answer all of your questions.

    What could we do to improve?
    Nothing. Top scale attorneys definitely helps in all categories.

    Jadarius B.

  • Craig and his staff were excellent there response time was great. We are very happy with the settlement they got us. GREAT JOB!

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    They were very easy to work with.

    Stan P.

  • Describe your experience of working with BED BUG LAW:
    Very good! However, it took a little longer than expected, but it was worth the wait.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Mr. Dell was always responsive to my calls.

    Jackie G.

  • Please describe your experience of working with BED BUG LAW:
    It was great! Craig held my handle and explained everything to me each step of the way.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW:
    Because they work with you and they break everything down.

    What could we do to improve?

    Assigned Attorney:
    Grant Schwarz

    Rebbie F.

  • I had high level professional assistance with my case. All was very clear since beginning and finished as expected. Had good updating of info during the process.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Very clear and effective lawyers.

    Paco R.

  • Thank you for the great service you provided and the way my case was handled. I was very pleased with very quick responses to all my questions. The details provided made me understand the legal matter of the case, the situation I was in, the expected outcome. I am also grateful to Mrs. Diana M. your Legal Assistant for her dedication and for being there whenever I needed to contact you and I thank you for that Diana.

    Would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Absolutely. I will always recommend your Legal Firm and I highly recommend your services.

    What could we do to improve?
    Keep up the good work. It speaks for itself.

    Mary P.

  • Working with BED BUG LAW law firm was a wonderful experience. It was a great experience, the law firm staff members were always polite and professional, they fought to get be the best Settlement. When I had questions, I would just pick-up the phone and call sometimes 2-4 times in one day, they were always pleasant. Special thanks to Jason, Jasmin, Tabitha, and the best for last Craig.

    Why would you recommend BED BUG LAW?
    Of course I would recommend BED BUG LAW. As a matter of fact I already recommended them to a friend. If I ever need a lawyer I will be returning.

    What could we do to improve?
    BED BUG LAW does not need to improve anything – just always stay the way you are, always putting your clients best first. Nice working with all of you.

    Carolyn F.