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  • How do I know if bites are from bed bugs in a Boston hotel?

    A prominent Boston hotel has recently accepted liability and compensated our client for injuries.

    Our client checked into a hotel in March of 2017.  After only one night in the room, our client had received over 20 small red marks on his legs resembling bug bites.  Not knowing what caused the red marks, our client went about his day.  Our client was visiting the Boston area for a business trip.  Our client had about 4 meetings scheduled on the first morning of his trip.  During the meetings, he itched and scratched his legs intensely.  The itching and burning caused by the bed bug bites was a tremendous distraction during the meeting.  Adwell arm 6.22.17

    Bed bug bites appear most often as small raised, red welts in a line pattern or in clusters.  Most people mistake the bites for mosquito bites or some other source.  The bites from a bed bug will itch intensely for days.  Bed bug bites may not even appear for several days after contact with a bed bug.  Further, a person can have an allergic reaction to bed bug bites requiring hospitalization.

    Seek Medical Treatment for your Bed Bug Bites if Necessary

    After a brief visit to a health care clinic the medical staff asked if our client had been in contact with bed bugs.  Our client had never encountered bed bugs ever before in his life, the thought never occurred to him.  After learning that the bites could be from bed bugs, our client Googled bed bugs and found our website.  Our client followed instructions listed on our website of what to look for in a hotel room.  When he returned back to the hotel room, he stripped the bed.  After looking at the mattress seams and box spring, there was significant evidence of a bed bug infestation.

    Evidence of a Boston Bed Bug Infestation

    Our client found black fecal spotting, live bugs, nymphs, eggs and bed bug skin casings. The issue was brought to the attention of hotel management who denied any prior knowledge of the infestation.  Our client declined another room and instead opted to check out and move into a new hotel.  Our client took his clothes out of his luggage and threw away his suitcase.  The clothes were taken to a same day cleaners and laundered at high heat.

    Prevent the Spread of Bed Bugs to Other Places

    Dealing with the effects of a bed bug infestation is a major inconvenience.  Apart from the intensely itchy and painful bite marks, there is the matter of your personal property to deal with.  After realizing he had encountered a bed bug infestation, our client took his clothes out of his luggage and threw away his suitcase.  He did this to prevent the spread of bed bugs to another property.  Our client took his clothes to a same day cleaners and laundered at high heat.20170628_040318_1498653839357

    Experiencing a bed bug infestation during business travel can be devastating.  Due to the pain of the bites and the time taken to clean his property, our client missed 3 additional meetings.  The business trip was a complete disaster.

    Contact a Boston Bed Bug Injury Lawyer to File a Claim

    Bed Bug Injury victims have rights no matter where the incident occurred.  Hotels have the highest duty of care to protect their guests against injuries on property.  Bed bug bites are no different. If you have been the victim of bed bug bites in the Boston area, you could be eligible to receive for medical expenses, pain, suffering, property damage and even lost wages.  Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

  • I stayed at a hotel in Orlando Florida. My family was traveling from New York to visit Disney World and Universal Studios.  My husband, 2 children and I had planned a 6 day trip to Orlando.  After the first night at the hotel, we all started getting bite marks on our arms and legs.  I knew that Florida was hot and had mosquitos, but we did not see any in the room.  We assumed it was mosquitos so we bought bug spray and went out for the day.  The second night, we were bitten again and the marks became red, orlando bed bug bite injuries and swollen.  We knew something was wrong so we pulled back the bed sheets and saw black marks and live bugs.

    Contact an Orlando Bed Bug Bite Injury Attorney

    We were so disgusted so we went to Google and searched for Bed bugs because none of us had ever seen one.  After a bit of searching, we found out that bed bugs infest many hotels in Orlando.  We had to do something.  We contacted Bedbuglaw.com and spoke to an attorney who helped investigate our claim.  We received medical treatment for our injuries, which were severe.  We did not have to go to court, or travel back to Florida to resolve our claim.  The attorneys at Bed Bug Law helped to settle our claim and compensate my family for their injuries.  We are very thankful to the attorneys and staff at Bed Bug Law.

  • The biggest complaint most people have about their attorney is not being able to contact them or their legal assistant.  Every time I called I either spoke to the attorney or his assistant. If neither was available I received a call back that same day. If the message was left after hours I received a call back the next day.

    I provided the information requested and my case was handed. 

    I am very satisfied with the service Attorney Grant Schwarz and his staff provided.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs an experienced attorney.

    Thank you all for the help you gave me.  Dianne H.

  • I am a client from across the country but would use this law firm again if needed. They kept me informed along the way on what was happening with my case.  I appreciate them and all they have done for me.  I am highly satisfied with the job done for me.
    bed bug in hotel mattress
    Thank you,

    Nancy C.

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5 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I was bitten by bed bugs while staying in a Atlanta hotel on business. Since this was my first experience ever dealing with bed bugs I didn’t know exactly what was happening and thought my body was breaking out. I went to the ER and they told me that I had been bitten by bed bugs. I relayed the information to the hotel and they totally blew me off. I contacted the firm and they walked me through what they needed from me and how to retrieve the evidence/documentation of bed bugs from the health inspector. They also were able to negotiate a settlement on my behalf to recoup the monies I spent on the hotel, clothing, etc. Overall, they were knowledgeable, professional, and prompt.

  2. Awesome service, thank you so much. I didn’t think I had much of a case, but this firm really did come through for me. Perhaps if more bed-bug victims take this legal action, maybe all hotels will be inspired to put their mattresses into special bed-bug proof bags and take this health threat more seriously.

  3. Thank you so much Mr. Edwards. Bed Bug Injuries are an incredibly common occurrence in this country. We are very sorry that you had to experience it first hand, but are delighted that we were able to help you through it. Thank you for your testimonial.

  4. This law firm did a great job with handling my bed bugs issue at a hotel I stayed at in South Carolina!

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