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Bed Bug Bite Injuries

For such a small insect, bed bugs can do a surprising amount of damage. Left undisturbed, bed bugs can inflict numerous bites all over your body that may cause serious complications over the next few days. In many instances, you can expect to itch noticeably for a week or more. Unless you are one of the lucky few who have no reaction to the bed bug’s bite. Bed bug bite injuries are some of the most painful and stressful a person can endure.

What Types Of Injuries Do Bed Bugs Inflict?

Bed bugs feed on human blood. To facilitate their feeding, they inject you with an anesthetic to numb the bite so you do not feel it. Then they inject an anticoagulant to keep the blood from clotting. They will feed as long as they like unless they are disturbed.

The bites of a bed bug are fairly similar to the bit of a flea or a mosquito. Much like the bit of these other pests, the bed bug bite may or may not produce symptoms. Some people are lucky enough to have little or no reaction. Others react somewhat, while a few have major reactions up to and including anaphalaxis – an allergic reaction that can prove deadly.

Common bed bug injuries include:

Numerous Bites

If there is one bed bug, there are almost always numerous other bed bugs. So if one bed bug starts to bite you, chance are that you will be bitten by a lot more before you wake up. When you finally do notice the bites you will tend to find a lot of them. The bites may focus on one area of your body, or if they may be found all over. Sometimes they will appear in a straight line.

Big, Swollen Bite Marks

The kind of reaction you have from the bites will dictate how they appear on your body. While some people may only have a small reaction, resulting in small bite marks, others will react more dramatically. You may discover large, swollen, painful bite marks on your body.


Depending on the severity of your reaction, the bites may form into blisters – which can be painful and become infected if not kept clean and protected.

Skin Infection

In some cases, bed bug bites will become infected. You can tell if your bites are infected by their appearance and discharge. If the bites are oozing pus, you know you have an infection and you should seek medical care.


It may seem strange to list itch as an injury, but if you have ever suffered from numerous itchy bed bug bites you will understand. The itch that comes from such bites can be debilitating, making it impossible to sleep or focus.


Some bed bug victims cannot sleep because of the discomfort caused by their bites. The insomnia may last a night, or it may last many days, depending on the severity of the reaction.

Allergic Reaction

The allergic reaction some people get from bed bug bites can be significant. If the reaction is bad enough it may be necessary to go to the doctor and get steroid treatment.


Anaphylactic shock is a very severe allergic reaction that can be fatal.

Treatment For Bed Bug Injuries

If your injuries are minor, you can probably treat them at home using anti-itch cream and over-the-counter antihistamines like Benadryl. But if your injuries are more severe – such as bad itching, significant swelling or skin infection, you should go see a doctor. If you suspect the onset of anaphylaxis, you should seek medical care immediately.

Characteristic bed bug bites appear in groups and usually in a straight line.

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