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Bed bugs on cruises can be a nightmare

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Resorts / Cruises

Whether you’re on the vacation of a lifetime that you’ve saved up months or maybe years for or you’re on an annual trip with family or friends, you shouldn’t have a cruise marred by a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, despite all the precautions that cruise lines claim to take, it happens.

Just as nasty viruses can spread like wildfire amid crowded cruise ships, so can bed bugs. While ship-wide infestations are rare, they’re becoming less so. Health experts say it’s a combination of more people traveling and the bugs becoming increasingly immune to insecticides.

One cruise line spokesperson says, “Bed bugs typically are brought onboard via guests’ handbags or luggage.” The tropical climates that many cruises embark from and travel to further exacerbate the problem.

The responsibilities of cruise line staff

Regardless of how bed bugs got in your room, they can make your cruise miserable – and potentially endanger your health. That’s especially true if the staff doesn’t take your concerns seriously and act quickly.

Several years ago, a couple filed a federal lawsuit against a popular cruise line after they found bed bugs in their room on a cruise to Mexico. They suffered “numerous bites and skin rashes,” according to the suit. They alleged that “employees and medical staff refused and delayed” their requests to move to another room and “ridiculed” them and their injuries.

While bed bug bites can be distressing and painful for anyone, they can be particularly dangerous to young children, older people and those already dealing with medical conditions. That’s why it’s crucial that cruise lines – and particularly their on-board medical professionals – take passenger complaints seriously.

Document everything

It’s crucial if you find bed bugs in your cabin to document the issue with photos and videos. If you’ve been bitten, document those bites and seek medical aid immediately. Even if you didn’t suffer physical harm, having to deal with bed bugs is no way to spend a vacation. Bed Bug Law can help you understand your legal options if this has happened to you.