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How do bed bugs affect pregnant people?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Bed Bug Bites

To put it bluntly, bed bugs are creepy and their bites are very uncomfortable. In addition to the physical discomfort that people experience when they become the meals of these little creatures, it can be psychologically traumatizing to navigate an infestation if it’s particularly severe. 

Most adults are able to withstand the challenges of an infestation until they can rid their homes of these invaders. Yet, certain vulnerable populations may have a harder time dealing with being bitten repeatedly. In particular, babies, children, older adults, individuals navigating complex medical challenges and pregnant people can struggle more than “usual” when bed bugs bite. 

When things go badly

There is no evidence that currently supports that bed bug bites directly affect someone’s pregnancy. However, if a pregnant person has a severe allergic reaction to the bites or the bites aggravate a pre-existing medical condition, they could affect someone’s pregnancy indirectly. Similarly, if a pregnant person becomes particularly stressed or sleep-deprived due to an infestation, it is possible that their health could suffer more than usual as a result of their situation. 

Additionally, it is possible for repeated bite exposure to lead to anemia in pregnant women and/or skin infections that could compromise parent and child in the event of a particularly severe manifestation. Finally, if bed bugs are not eradicated properly by the time that baby comes home, their bites could hurt a vulnerable infant and make a parent’s recovery from childbirth that much more difficult. 

If your home has been infested and you have questions about your legal rights – possibly because of a negligent landlord’s actions or a negligent hotel’s practices – do not hesitate to seek legal guidance. Whether you are pregnant or not, you deserve a safe and healthy place to live. Here at Bed Bug Law, we can help.