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What do you really know about bed bugs and their bites?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs and their bites are viewed differently by different people. Some think they are a minor but annoying nuisance, while others see them as unsanitary and become anxious at the mere thought of them.

Regardless of your general perspective on bed bugs, you probably agree they are disgusting and can lead to infestations. Below, you will learn more about these creatures and their bites.

Skilled hiders

Most people believe that bed bugs only appear in and on mattresses. However, they infest and live virtually anywhere. For example, they often retreat to walls, cracks and crevices or even stuffed animals to avoid detection between feedings.

Binge feeders

Bed bugs tend to gorge for five to ten minutes and then retreat for up to seven days to digest their meal, mate and lay eggs. One female can produce up to seven eggs a day for about ten days before needing to feed again.

Nasty biters

These bugs often probe the host’s skin several times before feeding in search of an area that allows rapid blood flow. As a result, victims may receive many bites across the body during a single feeding.

Strong survivors

Bed bugs live in most climates and can survive for months without a meal. They are resistant to insecticides, making them hard to eradicate. For most, it can cost a small fortune to remove them when brought home from elsewhere (like a hotel or vacation rental property).

While bed bugs do not transmit diseases to humans, they can cause extreme discomfort, embarrassment and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Coupled with the high cost of eradication, bed bugs clearly harm people and their finances.

You deserve a remedy if your family has suffered financial and medical losses due to bed bug bites or infestations. Contact our law firm to obtain legal guidance in preparing a claim for compensation.