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Can bed bugs be a problem in the winter?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Bed Bug Bites

Even though Florida doesn’t have the frozen winters that many states have, people often assume that bed bugs, like many types of insects, die off during the winter months. Some even believe that they hibernate in the winter, like bears.

That means they too often dismiss the bites and other signs of bed bugs as something else. That can be a dangerous mistake.

They stay put in warm, indoor spaces

In fact, bed bugs – much like people – enjoy the warmth of indoor spaces when the weather gets chilly. Even though they’re pretty resilient creatures, they prefer a consistent temperature. That means they may get comfortable in a bed, amongst a pile of blankets or in another space in the home, hotel room or other indoor space rather than travel on people who may be in and out of the cold. The warmer, heavier pajamas and robes that come out in the winter also make good places to hunker down. In the meantime, they can continue to reproduce.

While a good food source for them is the blood of those they bite, they can also last for a few months without food. During that time, they can enter a hibernation-type state.

The bed bugs that make it outside or to cold spaces during the winter may not survive. However, those who remain inside can do just fine.

Bed bugs can be annoying or very dangerous

While most bed bug infestations and resulting bites are mostly annoying, itchy and unpleasant, they can be far more dangerous. In some cases – particularly for children, elderly people and those with allergies, they can cause infections, anaphylactic shock (a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction) and other medical conditions.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from bed bug bites while traveling, hospitalized, in a nursing home or other property, find out about your legal options for justice and compensation. Contact us at Bed Bug Law to learn more.