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Do bed bug bites stop itching quickly?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | Bed Bug Bites

If you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, you likely just want the itching to stop. You may be taking medication for it. You may be using lotion or topical treatments. But you’re hoping that your body can heal quickly so that you are not constantly itching the red blisters and bite marks on your skin.

Unfortunately, the truth is that bed bug bites can itch for days or even for weeks. It’s common for itching to last at least a week, and perhaps a bit more, depending on the severity of the bites, the number of them, the reaction that you had and what types of medical treatment have been provided.

You could have numerous bites

Part of the problem is that it is unlikely that you will simply have one bite. This can happen, of course, but bed bugs often live in groups and many of them will bite you at the same time. Since this often happens when you are asleep, you don’t notice it happening until the itchy spots appear in the next day or two.

In some cases, the spots may be spread out all over your body. In other cases, you may find them on one specific part of your body, such as your legs, where the bed bugs were concentrated. Another thing to keep in mind is that these bites can sometimes form in a straight line, rather than being spread out.

But this can extend how long you deal with the itching from the bites. If you have numerous bites, some of them may heal while others are still inflamed. It can also be difficult to treat them all properly at home, simply by using topical creams or lotions. Bites that are missed may last for longer than others.

In other words, this is a serious situation that is not likely to resolve itself quickly. If you’ve been suffering from these bites, make sure you know exactly what legal steps you can take. Contact Bed Bug Law at your earliest convenience to learn more.