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The warning signs of a bed bug allergy

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2023 | Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are so small that it is easy to overlook how dangerous they can be. Bed bugs naturally hide in dark places where people will not notice them. They proliferate under mattresses and in other small crevices, often at poorly sanitized hotels.

Bed bugs prefer to use humans as a food source. Some people don’t even notice that they suffer a bed bug incident because they have no reaction. Others only have an itch to warn them of an incident. Those with allergies may have more severe reactions.

What happens if someone has a bed bug allergy?

A bed bug allergy can lead to inflamed spots that have a darker spot in the center of the bite. Those bites may cluster around one area or occur in a wobbling line. Typically, bed bugs are opportunistic and bite people on exposed body parts, such as the face and hands.

When allergic reactions occur, people may have severe itching that they cannot ignore. They may then cause damage to their skin and put themselves at risk of infection by scratching. Others develop blisters or hives. In some cases, those with allergies experience pain around the location of the bed bug bite. In rare cases, people will even experience anaphylaxis or a severe allergic reaction that often affects their ability to breathe.

Usually, it takes multiple bites to trigger an allergic reaction. The average person’s symptoms taper off quickly, with the bites disappearing in roughly two weeks. However, those with more serious reactions could take much longer to fully heal. Bed bugs can cause disruptions to sleep and infections that can have lasting implications for those with allergies.

Recognizing the warning signs of an allergic reaction to bed bugs may help people better handle the fallout of a recent incident. Consulting with the team at Bed Bug Law can help those dealing with allergic reactions or infestations to explore their legal options.