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Why are bed bugs such a major concern in nursing homes?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Bed Bug Injuries

When someone’s children or other loved ones cannot meet their care needs, they may discuss moving that vulnerable adult into a nursing home. At a nursing home, an older adult doesn’t have to remember to take their medication, clean their living space or prepare their own meals. There are professionals on hand who can do all of that for them.

Unfortunately, that also leaves them at the mercy of the caregivers working at the facility and profit-driven business practices. Frequently, nursing homes experience significant bed bug infestations that can affect someone’s quality of life, trigger major expenses and possibly endanger their health.

Why are bed bugs such a pressing concern for those living in nursing homes?

Workers may overlook risk factors

Proactive cleanliness is one of the only ways to prevent a bed bug infestation. Deep cleaning, professional remediation and consistent attention to detail are among the only ways to resolve an existing bed bug infestation.

Nursing home workers often have more job responsibilities than time and frequently don’t receive very competitive wages. They may cut corners when cleaning or may not have the time to check under mattresses and other places where bed bugs with proliferate. They may also fail to properly sanitize when going from one room to another, making it very easy for them to spread bed bugs within the facility.

Older adults are particularly vulnerable

The nursing home is the perfect environment for a bed bug infestation. There is a high density of humans and many hidden areas for the bed bugs to colonize. Unfortunately, infestations can be far more devastating for older adults than they are for those who are younger.

As people age, their immune systems may not function as well as they did in years prior. People may have a harder time healing from wounds or fighting off infections. Older adults are, therefore, at elevated risk of significant negative consequences when they experience numerous bed bug bites. Additionally, nursing home residents may struggle to advocate for themselves, meaning they won’t necessarily get the support they need when experiencing medical complications because of a bed bug infestation.

For many families, taking legal action after a bed bug infestation harms a loved one is the best option available. Contacting Bed Bug Law at 888-886-5418 or online through this link can help people determine whether a bed bug issue at a nursing home could potentially justify legal action.