We Help Those Bitten by Bed Bugs from Furniture

It is a horrible experience when you finally receive your new couch or bed, only to learn a few days or weeks latter that it is infested with bed bugs and causing you to be bitten all over your body. Bed bug lawsuits and claims against furniture stores for either selling or renting furniture infested with bed bugs have increased significantly over the last few years. As bed bug lawyers, we represent individuals that have been bitten by bed bugs after they have purchased furniture from new, used and rental furniture stores ranging from mattresses to couches infested with bed bugs.

A leading cause in the spread of bed bugs over the past couple of years has been the sale of incorrectly inspected and fumigated refurbished furniture such as sofas, mattresses, box springs, headboards, chairs, couches, and carpets. Victims of bed bug bites due to the purchase of contaminated furniture from new, second hand, and rental furniture stores have a right to seek momentary recovery for their injuries.

The procedure for obtaining reasonable compensation for your inconvenience, pain and suffering and out-of-pocket expenses from a furniture store can be difficult and almost impossible without the assistance of a bed bug attorney. It is common practice for furniture retailers and their insurance companies to deny the existence of bed bugs, blame the customer for the bed bugs, and then continue to challenge the claims brought by customers. Some furniture stores will retain the services of an exterminator or entomologist to review a bed bug claim and render an opinion that the customer is responsible for the infestation. Additionally, furniture shops and their insurance companies will use multiple tactics to trick you into accepting blame for the bed bug infestation. One tactic in particular that they often use is having unadvised customers sign a general release in exchange for either a low ball minimal settlement or a replacement piece of furniture. If any store or insurance company ever contacts you directly about a settlement, you should never speak to them without the representation of a bed bug lawyer. Our law firm always offers a free initial consultation and we do not charge any fees or costs unless we make a recovery for you. Click here to contact us online.

What Type of Compensation Is Available As A Result of Bed Bug Infested Furniture?

If you or a family member has been injured as a result of bed bug bites caused by furniture you recently rented or purchased, then you may be entitled to reimbursement or compensation for the following:

  • Refund or exchange of the infested furniture
  • Pain and suffering
  • Professional extermination services such as inspections and treatments
  • Medical bills
  • Property damage such as discarded furniture, carpet and clothing
  • Temporary housing
  • Lost wages
  • Reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the infestation
  • Punitive damages in some states

Our Bed Bug Lawyers Can Help You Obtain Compensation

Our Bed Bug Attorneys have been successful in assisting clients in seeking compensation for their injuries and reimbursement for property damage and out of pocket expenses. Following a bed bug attack, our attorneys work with bed bug experts in order to prove the furniture retailer was at fault. It is also our job to provide you with guidance so that you can obtain the proper medical treatment for your injuries.

Through years of experience with fighting against large and small furniture stores and insurance companies on a daily basis, our lawyers know exactly how furniture stores and insurance carriers think when it comes to bed bug claims.

There are no upfront fees or cost to hire one of our bed bug Lawyers. We never charge any fees or cost unless we make a recovery for you. Contact us for a free review of your bed bug case. We can resolve most bed bug disputes without the need to ever file a lawsuit, which helps you to get a quick remedy to a difficult situation.

6 thoughts on “We Help Those Bitten by Bed Bugs from Furniture”

  1. My wife and I purchased a new couch from a large department store (new). We had it delivered by them. Within a week, she started noticing bites on her arm, and now, a month later, we had someone come check our Chicago apartment. The exterminator found signs of bed bug activity in our unit, but not in the surrounding units. We are now having our apartment treated and unsure what to do with our furniture. We also have had not taken any trips or traveled during that time. Given the time frame it all happened, we are sure it had to come from the couch.

    We have not yet reached out to the retailer. We are unsure what to do at this point (besides get rid of the bugs). Should we reach out to the retailer or will they just tell us to bug off (pun intended)?

  2. Thank you for visiting bedbuglaw.com. Furniture cases can be difficult to prove the longer it takes to notice the bed bug infestation. Did the pest control professional confirm the source of the bed bug infestation was the sofa? We can discuss the circumstances of your case if you call us or visit http://www.bedbuglaw.com/do-i-have-a-case and fill out the form on our website.

  3. I rented furniture from rent a center in topeka kansas and found out it was infested with bed bugs they have replaced the furniture bit they haf told me that tje furniture that was infested had been treated so i just need to know what i need to do from here

  4. The biggest concern you should have is whether your home will be infested. If the furniture was removed and confirmed to contain bed bugs, I would hire a professional pest control expert to come to your home. Bed bugs can walk from one infested area to another and easily infest your entire home. Make sure your home is neat and free from clutter so that identifying an infestation will be easier. If you have been injured as a result of the bed bug infested furniture from Rent-A-Center, contact us and we will discuss the process of filing a claim.

  5. Rented furniture from buddys and it was infested with bugs my arms and chest are bit up. I had to wait almost a week after telling them to get someone to treat the furniture when guy showed up he said they just need to pick it up. I had only had it two weeks or less. They still have not yet retrieved it but I want my money back is that even possible…I have cried for days. I can not afford 1299$ for extermination

  6. Kelly, Buddy’s furniture is a big company that sells and rents furniture to thousands of people each year. In order to start a claim for your injuries and property damage, you need to confirm that bed bugs are the cause. Do you have pictures of the bugs? There is a lot do discuss regarding your potential bed bug injury claim. Our staff is standing by to discuss this matter with you.

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