Bed Bug Lawyers Help Hotel Guests Bitten by Bed Bugs

When a person sleeps at a hotel they have the expectation that when they fall asleep at night they will not have their blood sucked by an insect known as a bed bug. Hotels throughout the USA and the world are currently infested with bed bugs due to the Hotel’s failure to properly provide a safe and habitable environment for their guest. Our bed bug lawyers help individuals that have suffered physical or psychological injuries as a result of being bitten by bed bugs while staying at a hotel.

Why Are There So Many Bed Bugs at Hotels?

Most hotels have failed to take the proper steps necessary to eradicate and prevent their guest from being exposed to bed bugs. Regardless of the price per a night or the brand of the hotel we have helped bed bug victims that have stayed at every major hotel brand throughout the USA. No hotel is immune to bed bug infestation and the extent of the infestation depends upon the policies and procedures carried out by the specific hotel. The simple cleaning of a hotel and changing of sheets are insufficient actions in order to identify and prevent a bed bug infestation. Almost every hotel has been exposed to a bed bug infestation, yet the hotel routinely fails to properly treat the problem. In most situations the hotel employees are not trained properly in order to inspect rooms for the signs of bed bugs. Most hotels will deny the existence of bed bugs unless they physically see the bed bugs after a complaint has been filed.

Bed Bug Lawyers Help Hotel Guests Bitten by Bed Bugs

Important Steps To Take Following a Bed Bug Attack at a Hotel

If you have been bit by bed bugs at a hotel our bed bug attorneys can help you to obtain compensation for any injuries you suffered. Following a bed bug attack it is most important to obtain evidence that the bed bugs were actually in the hotel room. If possible the following steps should be taken following a bed bug attack at a hotel:

1) Capture and save the actual bed bug or bed bugs;
2) Take pictures of the actual bed bug(s);
3) Take pictures of any fecal droppings (black spots in specific areas), blood stains on sheets (they may not be red), or bedbug skin that has been shed;
4) Notify the hotel immediately and have a report documented. Demand a copy of the report and do not sign anything that the Hotel may attempt to give you. The hotel may attempt to immediately get you to sign a release, which would waive your right to seek any compensation.;
5) Take pictures of your hotel room.;
6) Seek immediate medical attention at a hospital or doctor.;
7) Demand to have your hotel room changed immediately.
8) Take pictures on a daily basis of ALL the bed bug bites that you incurred until they are gone;
9) Ask for the name of the person that last cleaned your room and the manager on duty;
10) Ask for the name of the person the hotel sends to inspect your hotel;
11) Save any receipts or dated proof of payment that you actually stayed at the hotel;
12) Do not bring any clothes, suitcases or anything else that was with you at the hotel into your home or car until it has been properly treated for bed bugs. Bed bugs spread easily and you don’t want to have an infestation in your home.

Contact the Bed Bug Lawyers

Following a bed bug attack at a hotel contact our law firm as soon as possible so that we can make sure that all steps have been taken to preserve your claim. We will provide you with a free consultation and let you know immediately how we can assist you. Fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or call us at 855-533-5552 to speak to an attorney now.

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22 thoughts on “Bed Bug Lawyers Help Hotel Guests Bitten by Bed Bugs”

  1. Hi, my name is Dawei Shen , 2 months ago when I was stay at Orlando hotel, bedbugs attacked me … I took a lot pictures and video, also the hotel used Insurance company to solve this problem, but I think that not nice and can help me ….also give me really bad memory ….

  2. Hello My name is Rene Vigil i was trying to see if yall can help me. Me and my boyfriend said at a hotel Red carpet and they had bed bugs. We made 4 to 5 complains and they didnt do anything about. So now we are trying to get as much help we can so make sure the this hotel is to take responsibility

  3. I was bitten by bed bugs while out of town attending my uncle funeral, I reach out to Baymont corporate office and filed a complaint and the corporate office gave me the contact information I called and talked to the owners of the hotel, I asked for them to pay for my doctor and hospital bill and all they offered me was credit for my stay. I have lost time off work and this happen over a month ago and my leg still has a knot in it and skin peeling in the area where I was bitten. I want the hotel to pay for my bills I am so hurt over this incident. Please call me if you can help me.

  4. I live in a motel room infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. I lived here more than a year. The owner has “bombed” the room twice. Once for cockroaches and another time for bed bugs. Both ate still.ptesent. I’ve tried heat and chemicals to stop the problem. My sister and I took the bed apart, cleaned the mattresses, sprayed them with bed big spray then vacuum ed the room too. We were unbitten for about a month. I and my son are bitten on our backs, legs, waist and arms. Lately my bites are red. I have scabs on my left wrist right now from scratching in my.sleep. We have difficulty paying our bill and the landlord is very understanding about this issue so I’m hesitant to to start an issue. It is beyond my understanding why we have to live this way. I wouldn’t believe my story if I wasn’t living it. I hope you can help me.

  5. I am staying and have been the last 2 months in a hotel because me and my wife a seperated right now. It has been a very emotion time just being seperated then I woke up one morning and had bites all over me. I went and complained to owner and he said he would spray room but said I was crazy and basically accused me of being a liar. I’m so down right now I didn’t care. He sprayed my room next day and said he didn’t see anything and I must be allergic to something and then he laughed it off. I haven’t switched rooms because I know they are probably in my suitcases and would just take them with me. I can’t afford another hotel because this is one of the cheapest and I don’t have insurance so wasn’t able to go to doctor. Since he sprayed room once a month and half ago I have had several more bites and have caught several bugs. I still have a few bugs and have pictures of bugs and bites. I ask for incident report from owner and again he said I was crazy and he would give report because the don’t have bugs. What should I do

  6. Brian, you are going through an incredible ordeal. Make sure to document everything that has happened to you. If the room is infested with bed bugs, and you have been injured as a result you need to check out immediately to prevent any further damage to your health. This incident needs to be reported to the local department of health right away. Please contact us to discuss your potential claim. You can also visit to upload photos of the bugs and your bites so we can evaluate your case.

  7. If you have been experiencing a persistent bed bug infestation in your motel room, it is possible that more than just your single room is infested. Bed bug travel between rooms and floors of multi unit buildings. Speak to your neighboring rooms and see if they are experiencing the same thing. Each time you treat your room, they can be spreading to the adjoining rooms. Then those rooms are treated and the bed bugs come back to your room. The landlord needs to shut down your room and all adjoining rooms above, below, left right and even across the hall to effectively eliminate a bed bug infestation. In the mean time, I imagine it would be difficult to find another place to live. However, the landlord should accommodate you while the rooms are being properly treated. They owe you a duty of care to make sure you are not being injured by conditions on property. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact us regarding this issue by phone or email. I suggest visiting to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of helping you file a claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  8. I stayed at a super 8 in christianburg va in nov 2017. I was bitten and caught a bug, plz advise if you can help.

  9. Good afternoon Dannielle, In order to provide a full bed bug injury case evaluation, I suggest visiting to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of helping you file a claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  10. My family and I just stayed in a vacation home in ocean shores, wa and we had to cut our vacation short because of bed bugs. I alerted the person who rented out the home and he did not do anything about refunding our money or anything. We ended up in the ER because my boyfriend had an alergic reaction to the bits. We came home about 2 weeks ago and still dealing with the bites and marks. We would really like some help to get our money back and make sure he can not rent this house out again until he properly takes care of it. Another person stayed at this same house with her family a little over a year ago and had the same situation we just had. We stayed in this home for the first time only 4 months after the other lady stayed in it and had bed bugs. This is an issue he knew about and did not take care of.

  11. I was staying at the hotel just about a week ago and the room next is was infested they failed to notify us about even came in spread the wall that all our clothes was on. They just said it was rountine spray but it was already to late my clothes and my fiancé was infested he had bites mark all up and down his legs and I had the bite me in a personal area they turned into rash had to seek medical attention and no how a steroid and take medicine for these bits I have doctors documention and pictures of everything

  12. I stayed at express inn east in Montgomery, AL on 3/17/18. While I was sleep, I kept waking up with an itch all over my body. I finally got up at 3 a.m to check my skin and I had bed bug bites on my stomach, back, and leg. I checked the bed and saw two bed bugs. I then went down to the front desk to let him know that the room had bed bugs and asked him if I could get another room and he told me that there were none available (there were plenty of empty rooms available) and that I would have to wait until the manager arrived later. I have been sitting in my car in front of the front office since 3 this morning and is currently waiting on the manager to arrive since the guy refused to give me a refund. I have pictures of the bed bugs and the bite marks on my stomach to show the manager. Is there anything that could be done about this?

  13. Nakita, that sounds like a terrible situation to have to endure. In order to properly evaluate your potential claim for bed bug injuries, we would need to know more information. For instance, where did this take place? What hotel, city and state? Please call us or visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of evaluating your potential claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  14. Bed bug bites can be extremely painful and itchy. This is worse for people who have severe allergic reactions. Most of the population does not react to bed bugs, but those with an allergy to bed bug saliva can end up in the hospital. We are very sorry to hear about your recent bed bug attack at a vacation rental. Please either call us or visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of evaluating your potential claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  15. Good afternoon, from your comment it is unclear what your issue is. Were you injured at a hotel? To better assist you, please either call us or visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of helping you file a claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  16. I paid for a room from Wed thru Monday, my son checked in on wed it was 2 double beds room 239 he slept in the bed closer to window when I got here on Friday afternoon I was tired and laid on other bed when I woke up my right elbow was itching and burning and so was the left ankle I dismissed that because it felt like mosquito bites well on Saturday night I laid in same bed was awaken at 3am I sat up and saw something crawling on me I swiped down my son turned on light and it was bed bugs (I have pic and video) my arms and back and back of my neck were completely covered in bites (also on video). I reported it and had to make desk clerk give me another room we checked the mattress no cover that mattress was placed in no bed bugs please note that on video we lifted mattress there were bed bugs on box spring the mattress had been put in cover and powder had been put under the mattress our other room did not have that the desk clerk told me the manager would be in there at 9 am I went down th desk at 1 and was told by another clerk Kristi that the manager was in New Mexico and there was no one she could call oh she did give me a number that states the voicemail is full so no message can be left after much research I was able to find the sister hotel which is across the street went over there and ask to speak to a manager, she was not there but the very polite young man called her for me I explained above she stated that she would try to contact this manager I also complained that the room I was placed in the bathroom was nasty and the microwave and that I had tried to tell Kristi that and all she said was well in the computer it was marked as clean, I asked who checked behind the housekeepers and she rudely replied I do not know because I am not management I did tell her at this time they would regret how I had been treated so low and behold the manager Rachel calls me and attempts as I perceive to chastise me because I went to the sister hotel and told them she constantly asked why did I not go to a hospital my question are you going to pay that bill I have the video and the pictures so really what can they do but give me cream or Benadryl for itching which I am a nurse and I did this myself, the bed bugs bites were so severe I was not able to go to the rest of the events for my family reunion which I came down for, I will have to try to clean all of our belongings before I hear back home to another state and she thinks that giving a refund for one night should take care of the problem
    Also as I stated above thru sent a housekeeper from the sister hotel and she was disgusted from how the bath tub and the microwave looked oh yea I have pictures of that also
    To be talked to and treated the way they did has caused me to go on a mission and make sure as much as I can that no one is treated like this as the law states hotel have a resonable expectation to keep you safe and being bitten by bed bugs when they know the room had been infested is not keeping anyone safe

  17. If you noticed live bugs and powder, it seems like the hotel knew of the bed bugs were in the room before you stayed there. There are some products available in stores which claim to eliminate bed bugs, but simply do not work. A hotel should have trained staff to recognize bed bugs and be able to hire a professional pest control company to routinely inspect and treat rooms to prevent bed bugs from taking hold and injuring guests. It sounds like you have a potential claim for bed bug injuries. Please contact us to discuss your case further. You can either call or visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you.

  18. was on vacation in 4/15 or 4/16 . The hotel had bugs and I got bitten by them. Come to find out the hotel was doing some work to the hotal while still operating. I did Notify the hotel front desk to let them know that I had bugs in my hotel and only thing they could say was there was sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    I didn’t know what was wrong with me until I got home and more pop out that’s when I went to the doctor. They side it was big bits. This was very inconvenient for me because they hurt and I continued keep any clothes on. They provide me with some medicine and I had to stay home from work until they got better and go away. Well they didn’t they got bigger and i had to get some Lance.
    I do not have pictures of the hotel.

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