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Hotel Or Motel Bed Bug Infestations

When a person sleeps at a hotel, they have the expectation that when they fall asleep at night they will not have their blood sucked by an insect known as a bed bug. Hotels throughout the United States and the world are currently infested with bed bugs due to the hotel’s failure to properly provide a safe and habitable environment for their guest. Our bed bug lawyers help individuals that have suffered physical or psychological injuries as a result of being bitten by bed bugs while staying at a hotel.

Why Are There So Many Bed Bugs At Hotels?

Most hotels have failed to take the proper steps necessary to eradicate and prevent their guest from being exposed to bed bugs. Regardless of the price per night or the brand of the hotel, we have helped bed bug victims that have stayed at every major hotel brand throughout the country. No hotel is immune to bed bug infestation and the extent of the infestation depends upon the policies and procedures carried out by the specific hotel. The simple cleaning of a hotel and changing of sheets are insufficient actions in order to identify and prevent a bed bug infestation. Almost every hotel has been exposed to a bed bug infestation, yet the hotel routinely fails to properly treat the problem. In most situations, the hotel employees are not trained properly in order to inspect rooms for the signs of bed bugs. Most hotels will deny the existence of bed bugs unless they physically see the bed bugs after a complaint has been filed.

Important Steps To Take Following A Bed Bug Attack At A Hotel

If you have been bit by bed bugs at a hotel our bed bug attorneys can help you to obtain compensation for any injuries you suffered. Following a bed bug attack, it is most important to obtain evidence that the bed bugs were actually in the hotel room. If possible, the following steps should be taken following a bed bug attack at a hotel:

  1. Capture and save the actual bed bug or bed bugs
  2. Take pictures of the actual bed bug(s)
  3. Take pictures of any fecal droppings (black spots in specific areas), blood stains on sheets (they may not be red), or bedbug skin that has been shed
  4. Notify the hotel immediately and have a report documented. Demand a copy of the report and do not sign anything that the Hotel may attempt to give you. The hotel may attempt to immediately get you to sign a release, which would waive your right to seek any compensation
  5. Take pictures of your hotel room
  6. Seek immediate medical attention at a hospital or doctor
  7. Demand to have your hotel room changed immediately
  8. Take pictures on a daily basis of ALL the bed bug bites that you incurred until they are gone
  9. Ask for the name of the person that last cleaned your room and the manager on duty
  10. Ask for the name of the person the hotel sends to inspect your hotel
  11. Save any receipts or dated proof of payment that you actually stayed at the hotel
  12. Do not bring any clothes, suitcases or anything else that was with you at the hotel into your home or car until it has been properly treated for bed bugs. Bed bugs spread easily, and you don’t want to have an infestation in your home.

Contact The Bed Bug Lawyers

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