Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Our Bed Bug Lawyers Help Apartment Rental Guests Bitten By Bed Bugs

When you lease an apartment or rent a house, the owner of the property has a legal duty to provide you with a residence that is safe and free from dangerous conditions to your health. At Bed Bug Law, we help apartment rental guests bitten by bed bugs.

In many states there are very specific laws which say that upon notification of a bed bug infestation, the owner of the property (landlord) must treat and remediate the bed bugs within a set period of time. Unfortunately, in most cases we see, the owner may attempt to treat the bed bugs, but the treatment that takes place is not appropriate for the elimination of bed bugs. Many exterminators do not know the proper inspection methods for detection of bed bugs and often use ineffective chemicals to kill bed bugs. Owners of rental properties must make sure that they are hiring a pest control company that actually has the experience and knowledge to treat for bed bugs.

Additionally, if a bed bug infestation takes place in an apartment building, then the owner must treat all of the units above, below and surrounding the infested unit. If you have been bitten by bed bugs, never sign any agreements and don’t accept any compensation without consulting with a bed bug attorney. You could be waiving your right to reasonable compensation.

Apartment Rentals And Bed Bug Bites Can Be Complicated By A Lease Agreement

Bed bug infestations in rental homes involve some complicated legal issues because most tenants have a signed lease agreement with the landowner. The lease agreement usually requires a tenant to continue paying for the apartment for a short period of time despite the bed bugs. Our bed bug attorneys will review your lease and let you know what your options are. In most cases, a landlord will release a tenant from the lease as the landlord has a duty to remediate the apartment, and it cannot be done properly while the tenant is occupying the residence. Additionally, the landlord may also be responsible to pay for the replacement or treatment of any personal belongings that have been exposed to bed bugs. You should also be entitled to compensation for any cost you had to spend to live at a different location due to the bed bug infestation in your home.

Unfortunately, there are some renter insurance policies which exclude any damage caused by bed bugs. In many apartment rental situations there is a property management company that is responsible for maintaining the apartment and fails to do so. The property management company and the owner of the property may be legally liable for a bed bug attack.

Contact The Bed Bug Injury Lawyers

Our bed bug lawyers will do whatever we can to assist you with your bed bug claim. If a bed bug lawsuit must be filed, then we will go after any entity that we believe is responsible for the bed bug attack.

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