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How to Deal with Bed Bugs in a Ocala, FL Hotel

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Ocala, Florida has become a big vacation destination for many travelers across the country. Either to visit family or to visit Ocala’s famous Silver Spring State Park, you should be aware of risks with bed bugs while staying at a Ocala, Florida hotel. Bed bugs are pesky insects that can cause significant physical discomfort and mental harm, if a hotel owner does not properly handle the risk of bed bugs. In this blog post, we’ll go through how to identify bed bugs and what to do if you have found bed bugs while staying at a Ocala, Florida hotel.

How to Deal with Bed Bugs in a Ocala, FL Hotel

Identifying Bed Bugs at a Ocala, FL Hotel

Before checking your Ocala hotel room for bed bugs, you must understand the appearance and life cycle of bed bugs as they can be confused for other types of insects. Bed bugs feed on human blood to survive and hide in places where it allows them to feed easily. Where would that be? You guessed it, your hotel mattress. While you are sleeping, bed bugs come out and feed on humans. When they feed, they leave large red welts all over your body which can be unsightly. Bed bugs can also vary significantly in their appearance based on their age.

Here’s a diagram that breaks down their appearance –

How to Deal with Bed Bugs in a Ocala, FL Hotel

If you think you have suffered bed bug bites while staying at a Ocala hotel, you will want to gather evidence by removing any linens or sheets from your mattress and pillows. Then, use the flashlight function on your cellphone to inspect the mattress and pillows. You will also want to check any dark and un-lit areas like behind any furniture for any traces as shown in the diagram listed above. If you find bed bugs, attempt to capture them in a secure container and take as many photos/videos of them and any injuries that you have suffered.

Contacting Hotel Management

If you have indeed found bed bugs in your hotel room, you will want to notify Ocala hotel management of the infestation. Clearly notate and document your interactions with them including the employee’s name, title and other relevant information.

When to Contact a Ocala, FL Bed Bug Attorney

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