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Tips to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you 

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Bed Bug Blog

If you are going on vacation, a business trip or just visiting friends, there’s a possibility that your hotel or even a friend’s house will have a bed bug problem. Unfortunately, there are few things you can do about this besides knowing the signs of an issue and taking steps to protect yourself. 

Whether you see signs of bed bugs or not, it is smart to take proactive steps to ensure you don’t accidentally bring these parasites home with you. Some tips to help you do this are found here. 

How to check for bed bugs and avoid bringing them home

When you first arrive where you are staying, be sure to keep your luggage off the floor. In a hotel, use the provided luggage rack. Then:

  • Pull the sheets on the bed back and check the mattress and box springs.
  • Look at any upholstered surface in the room to look for signs of bedbugs, too. 
  • If you see dark brown or reddish spots, assume that is sign bed bugs have been there.

At home, wash your clothes immediately and don’t bring luggage into your house until you are sure no “hitchhikers” have tagged along. Bed bugs don’t like to stay hidden. If you brought them home, you would know quickly. 

You will likely begin noticing bites on you and others in your house – including your pets. You will probably see dark spots on your fabric furniture and sheets, which are droppings from the bed bugs. 

Your rights if you suffer bed bug bites

If you bring bed bugs home from a hotel, motel or even a friend’s house, you don’t have to be silent. You can hold the responsible party accountable for their lack of foresight and failure to mitigate or warn about the issue. It is smart to learn about your legal options from Bed Bug Law to see what compensation you may receive.