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Bed bugs and babies: Beware of anemia

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Bed Bug Bites

We are cruising into the height of the tourist season here in Florida. Maybe you have already made your reservations for the family vacation you have planned in the Sunshine State. There’s nothing like the beach, the sun and the refreshing ocean breeze to shed the stresses of everyday life back in the real world.

But if you are vacationing with an infant, you could actually encounter one big stress factor — bed bugs.

Why are bed bugs so dangerous to babies?

Babies’ body mass is small, which means that they have less blood in their tiny bodies. Therefore, it doesn’t take too many bed bugs to feed off them to cause anemia. 

Many adults suffer from anemia from time to time during their lives. They may lack energy and feel a sense of malaise, but in most cases, anemia is easily treated by increasing their intake of iron, either by eating more iron-infused foods or taking a daily iron supplement.

With babies, it’s a bit trickier to treat. Too much iron can be as problematic as not enough, so it is a delicate balancing act to ensure they get sufficient iron to offset the loss from the bed bugs.

You may be entitled to compensation for damages from bed bugs

If you, your baby or other family members were bitten by bed bugs on your Florida vacation, it is important to be proactive if you decide to seek compensation for any injuries, losses or damage to personal property due to the exposure.

Call the legal professionals at Bed Bug Law to get advice on the steps you should take to preserve any evidence of the bites and infestation.